Friday, May 26, 2006

Hot Chocolate-Biscuit pudding

I have always found an excuse to eat anything that contains chocolate...and my husband keeps warning me about cutting down my chocolate qota everytime he becomes aware of my chocolate fat that I have added all over!! But he still forgets not to bring a box of chocolates whenever love overflows....!! Here is a quick recipe for all those who love the chocolate flavour.


Butter -75g
sugar powdered-3 tbsp
Instant Hot chocolate powder -30g(cadbury's)
cashew nuts-25 g
vanilla essence-1tsp
Tea biscuits-10 (something like Marie biscuits)
Instant coffee powder-1tsp
hot water-1 cup

Whisk together butter, powdered sugar, egg, hot chocolate powder and vanilla essence in a blender thoroughly.Butter a pudding bowl.Add coffee powder to the hot water.Now dip one portion of the butter egg mixture. Again keep another layer of biscuits and pour the remaining egg mixture on top... Garnish with cashews on top. Bake the pudding for 10 minutes at 180 degree celsius.Leave it to stand for 5 minutes. Refrigerate it for half an hour...Yummy pudding is ready...Kids will love it..(Sorry...I forgot to take the snap of the final pudding before eating...Aakrantham...and I forgot the snap!!)
A little pudding history here....interesting
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