Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sabakshi Soppu Curry


I was introduced to "Sabakshi" soppu or Dill only just a year back...and never knew that it was a commonly available green leaf variety cooked in Karnataka, probably in Andhra too...My husband's bachelor days were often made richer by this sensuous 'sabakshi', for it was easier to cook it along with dal...and he used to describe its taste so beautifully that I really wanted to see this 'Meenakshi'!!And there she was truly gorgeous, tender and rich green...The smell of fresh dill is just awesome...and now we always see to it that we take a few bunches of dill whenever we went to the vegetable shop...

Here is a simple Sabakshi-Dal combo which goes brilliantly with Chappathi or with steamed Rice as a side dish.



Sabakshi/Dill leaves-1 bunch
Green gram/Moong dal/Cherupayar parippu-1 cup(200ml)
Ghee-1 1/2 tbsp
Onion-1 large
Dried Ginger Powder/Chukku podi-1/2 tsp
Garlic-6 pods(pounded)
Green chilli-4(pounded)
Cumin seed-1/2 tsp
Mustard seed-1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Dry Red chillies-2 (broken into pieces)
Salt-as required
Water-2 cups


Clean and cut the Sabakshi leaves.Leave it in a colander to drain off the water. Now Heat a wok.Add 1 tbsp ghee and roast the moong dal to a reddish tinge.Add 2 cups water, a pinch of turmeric and pressure cook it till the dal is well cooked(approx.4minutes) but see to it that it doesnt become too soft and mushy. Now Heat the remaining ghee in the wok. Add Mustard seed, cumin seeds,curry leaves,Dry red chillies. Once they have spluttered add dried ginger powder&Onion, saute it for a couple of minutes till onions become transluscent & at last add pounded garlic and green chillies, saute it for a couple of minutes. Now add the Dill leaves. Saute it for 2 minutes. Add the cooked dal into it, salt as required and saute it for another 3minutes. 'Sabakshi soppu' is ready.


MadMax said...

hey, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, i was just spreading the good world of food! :) i do hope u dont mind! :)

Sumitha said...

Hey doc I too am familiar with this soppu,sabakki,is what i thought is its name!

indianadoc said...

It is called sabakki some parts of Karnataka it is called Sabakshi,explains my husband..

archana said...

That's a nice piece of info, i never knew that Dill is used in Indian cooking,also i thought it should be used in moderation like any other herb, WEll i was wrong, and i am going to try this recipe out.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

This is in my shopping list! Your blog is truly a treasure for so many different types of recipes.

If I like it, I can grow it!

Daagh said...

Many thanks for your kind words :-)

you have a wonderful collection of recipes.

indianadoc said...

thanx madmax, sumitha, archana,lg and daag for all those words of appreciation...may our community prosper!!

shipra said...

thanks a lot4 dill recipe. i hav always tried to cook it but made a mess of its aroma. today it will turn right. love ur blog

indianadoc said...

Thanx shipra for dropping in...hope u liked the recipe ...