Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Parippu Prathaman

"Isshi Madhuramayalo?"...Shall we have some sweets?....Come Onam, or Vishu or a marriage or any other occasion to celebrate, Malayali never forgets to have his'Sadya',a typical banquet, spread out on a clean green banana leaf, dotted with as many curries and side dishes as 18 and sometimes even 24...Sambar,Rasam,Thoran,Parippum Neyyum,Kalan, Olan,Aviyal,PuliInji,Injithair,Pachadi,Kichadi,Erissery,Varathauppery,
Sharkkarauppery,Morukoottan,Pappadametc etc and comes the king and
queen of the Sadya.... the desserts,Prathaman&Pal Payasam.....along with the small plantain.....Ooops, that's a huge list, right?...Mouth watering...honestly, I feel like eating one sadya... Nothing matches the taste of hot rice with all these curries mixing with the plantain leaf, and eaten bare handed!! No spoons or forks...frowning a little?? Try it once dear, you will want it more!!...Even the desserts, Payasam, is served on the leafy plate. 'Parippu Prathaman' was too tempting to side line...She's truly 'Prathaman'('Pratham' means no.1 in Sanskrit)....Parippu Prathaman has other siblings like Palada Prathaman,Mambazha Prathaman,Chakka prathaman etc..Eating hot prathaman in the banana leaf....oops! I need one banana leaf now!!


Green gram dal(Moongdal/Cherupayar parippu)-1 cup
Coconut Milk-3 cups(2 cup thick milk+1 cup thin milk)
Jaggery syrup-1 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
Dried ginger powder(Chukku)-1/4 tsp
Copra/Dessicated coconut-100g(cut into pieces)


Heat 1tbsp ghee in a deep bottomed vessel.Roast the dal in the hot ghee till it turns reddish.Now add the thin coconut milk(Onnam Pal).Prepare the jaggery syrup by melting the jaggery over slow heat. Sieve the syrup for any impurities. Now pour the syrup into the dal. Mix well.Cook the dal for nearly 10 minutes on slow fire. Keep stirring.Now add the thick coconut milk and cook it for another 5 minutes till the required consistency is achieved(Neither too fluidy nor too thick). Heat the remaining ghee in a wok. Prepare the seasoning by roasting the raisins, cahsewnuts, copra, cardamom powder, d.ginger powder. Add the seasoning to the dal. Mix well. Prathaman is ready.

Interestingly Ashwini's
  • Madgane
  • seems to belong to the same fraternity of prathaman.


    Vineela said...

    nice sweet.
    Hope to try this one day.
    sweet corn chat looks good and healthy too.i do like this chat.

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    My god, you have got many a number of new posts. I am going to sit and read everything, thank you for doing this.

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    >thanx vineela and archana for visiting my blog n for the patience to go thro' my posts..

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