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Raspberry Kaaram Chutney

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The Raspberry or Red Raspberry(Gauriphal), (Rubus idaeus) is a tart, sweet, beautiful looking red composite fruit usually available in late summer or early autumn in the temperate regions.But with the modern bio-technology, raspberries have become almost available round the year.There are plenty of other varieties like gold raspberry,the black raspberry(also called a blackcap),Arctic raspberry,Flowering raspberry,Wine raspberry ,Whitebark raspberry (Western Raspberry)etc.

Medicinal properties
Raspberry can almost be called a panacea...tis indeed a cure for countless no. of diseases and discomforts...I was really amazed by the huge range of diseases that can be alleviated by raspberry...and I felt that I should share the here it goes....

Dating back to the the times of ancient Greeks and Romans, Raspberry was used not only as food but also as medicine. In Armenian medical practice, the raspberries were used against flu, chronic rheumatism & several other diseases. The concentrate of the fruit with honey was used against rubella. The fruit is widely used against anaemia, stomachache, for easing digestion(it also slakes the thirst& eases the digestion process),for sobering from drunkenness etc, etc.Xylitol, a sugar alcohol artificial sweetener, extracted from raspberries, can prevent/reverse tooth decay. Raspberry fruits were widely used as an antipyretic(against fever)and the decoction of the flowers are used as an antivenom(against snake bites). Leaves of the raspberry, fresh or dried,are used in herbal and medicinal teas. They not only have an astringent flavour but are also used as astringents.

In the Tibetan medical practice the extract of raspberry fruit&leaves are use to cure neurasthenia,(like the goose berry..Nellikkathalam treatment in the Ayurveda)and a row of pungent and chronic infections.In Austria the extract of raspberry fruits and leaves was used as vitamin drink, as well as a cure against cough.

In Germany the plant leaves were used against diarrhoea &throat infections.In Bulgaria,the leaves were used as an antiphlogistic,against stomach bleeds, diarrhoea, vomiting, menstrual problems, and a host of respiratory diseases. In a number of countries the decoction of flowers are used against pimples on the face, red wind, eye inflammations,haemorrhoids, malaria, number of feminine diseases (by drinking).
Raspberry is known as sweat generating, thus reducing the fever(Just eat a few fresh raspberries!).It is also used for medical flavoring (especially in paediatric medicine).The diuretic and expectorant characteristics of raspberry fruits are proven scientifically. But for those who have Gout or Renal problems like nephritis, raspberries are not advisable because they are alkaline in nature.

Raspberry for women
Raspberry is very popularly known as a medicine effective in regulating menstruation.Many girls have their night mare days during menstruation.Raspberry has been proven to be highly beneficial in normalizing blood flow during menstruation and reducing painful menstrual cramps.A douche with raspberry juice reduces leucorrhea.For centuries together Red raspberry leaves have been used by women as a support to the reproductive system, especially during pregnancy.It is highly useful in several post delivery complications like for instance, it can decrease uterine swelling and minimize postpartum hemorrhaging. . Red Raspberry nourishes the reproductive system by strengthening the womb tissues, increasing lactation and easing nausea and morning sickness. It also cleanses and prepares breasts for a pure milk supply for the nursing infant by cleansing and purifying the blood.

Want to make a raspberry extract?

Take 20 grams of dried fruit soaked in 200 ml hot water for 20 minutes, and should be used one table-spoon, three times a day. The other option is to mix two table-spoons of dried fruit with one cup of hot water and use the same way. Or mix two tea-spoons of dried fruit in one cup of hot water for 20 minutes and drink as tea. The latest can be repeated every hour to reduce the high temperature.

To make an extract from the leaves, two table-spoons of dried leaves should be mixed with one cup of hot water, left for 30 minutes and used for mouth rinse. In case of dysentery, an aromatic tea from raspberry and blackberry – one tea-spoon from each plant mixed with one cup of hot water, using one table-spoon, three times a day.

To make a decoction from the flowers, 20 grams are mixed with 200 ml water, boiled for 20 minutes and drunken one table-spoon, three times a day. Or 1 table-spoon mixed with one cup of water, boiled for 20 minutes and used the same way. To make a decoction from dry leaves, one table-spoon should be mixed one cup of water and boiled for 20 minutes, and used for throat rinse and as lotion in case of skin diseases.

In cases of pus wounds and face pimples, an ointment from fresh leaves is used – mixing one portion of leaf-liquid with 4 portions of butter or Vaseline.
Raspberry for foodies
So much said about its Medicinal qualities...Now for food gluttons like me...Raspberries are very yummy and delicious fruits which I would like to pop into my mouth everytime I open my fridge!!And Raspberry Jam?....I love it.You can make it the same way you make
  • strawberry jam
  • You can make raspberry smoothies with sugar and milk,can add it in your pastries, can make a raspberry srikhand like
  • Ashwini'sStrawberry Srikhand
  • (Yoghurt+Raspberry+Honey+Sugar&Refrigerate it!)Well, Did you know that it is used in Vodkas?hmm...Healthy boozing??!!And Raspberry considered to be of superlative quality...

    My spicy Indian taste buds are itching for something fiery!!...So why not pickle some raspberries or make them into chutney? Yeah that's what I have done...a tasty Raspberry Kaaram chutney!(Our Indian budhi will always chutnify things!!.

    Raspberry-750 g
    mustard powder-1/2tbsp(Pounded coarsely and the skin removed)
    red chilli powder-3tbsp
    salt-as required
    Gingelly oil-2tbsp
    Vinegar-2 tbsp


    Wash ripe Raspberries and leave it in a colander so that water drains off completely.Since the flesh is too soft, you cant wash it very aggressively.
    Mix chilli pwd,mustard pwd,sugar and salt.Add it to the raspberry.Mix everything gently. Now add the oil and combine with the berries till uniformly coated.Add Vinegar.Mix well.Raspberry chutney is ready. Have it with chappathis or with rice as a side dish.


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