Tuesday, June 13, 2006


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It was indeed an ambrosia...Many a times eating just a banana or eating just the berries can be a bit boring...but a medley of these fruits.... that too with some milk and a drizzle of honey and some sugar can indeed be very welcome.I have decided to make a fruit cocktail,a fruit salad indeed, daily with all those common and exotic fruits available in the market....Look! 'I'm a good girl'(Read it in Priyanka Chopra style!!)...I have started cultivating some good habbits!! So Here goes my ambrosia,to pair with the English summer.



Mixed Fruits-Chopped-500g

{Bananas-For a proper base
Seedless Grapes-(I cut each grape into two for the juices to really run out)
Ripe Pakistani Mango(Pakistanis are really sweet!)
Seedless Pomegranate(best for u'r stomach and if anaemic)
Strawberry(for that sweet aroma)
Sharon fruits(they are just lovely,succulent)
Kiwi-(gives a pleasant tangy touch)
Physalis-(Nice to bite in between)
Orange Flesh Melon(any type will do)
Avocado(For that green buttery touch)}

Orange juice-1 cup( I used the pure orange juice concentrate)
Milk-1/2 cup
Honey-1/2 cup
Sugar-1 tbsp(optional)
Cashew nuts(For a crunchy bite)-50g


Cut the fruits(except avocado & pomegranate)into uniform pieces.Blend milk,orange juice, the buttery inside of avocado scooped out, honey and sugar in a blender.Now pour it over the fruits. Garnish it with a scoop of avocado on top with a drizzle of honey....Now enjoy your fruit bowl!!


Anitha said...


Recently came across your blog.. love the NV recipes you have.. planning to try everything one by one..

btw i make ambrosia a little different.. i mix these:
fruit cocktail
2 spoons coconut powder (Optional)
pistachio nut powder [pistachio jello mix]
marshmallows (Optional)
and cool whip cream

turns out yummy.. if u skip cocnut powder and use fat free cool whip, it is very healthy too.. and taste is amazing

indianadoc said...

Welcome Anitha to my blog and your cocktail really sounds wonderful...hmm...it is something i can try next time!