Friday, June 09, 2006

Egg Roast

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"Mere naam, mere naam Murghi ke ande...." that funny ad song on eggs is so eat it in any form they are just superlatively yummy....(Vegetarians,please excuse my ecstasy!....In a non veg kitchen if you have a box of eggs, tis a great relief in times of emergency, when u have run out of everything in u'r pantry....u'r eggs alone are enough to dish out a banquet....a little hyperbolic?!... but I think tis really true...the list of combinations that you can churn out of this is amazing! This is a simple crunchy egg roast that one can try.


Red chilli powder-1tsp
Turmeric powder-a pinch
Aamchoor(Dry Mango powder)- a pinch(optional)
Salt-as required
Oil-1/2 tbsp
Water-as required


Half boil the egg in water. Heat oil in a wok. When the oil is hot enough,make a hole on the egg wide enough for the contents to flow out smoothly. Pour out the half boiled egg on to the wok.Sprinkle red chilli powder,turmeric powder,aamchoor and salt on one side.After a minute turn the side and sprinkle the powders on this side as well.Fry it for nearly a minute and then transfer it to a paper towel to remove the excess oil.Serve it as a starter or as a side dish.


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Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your opening comments. Eggs are so versatile. I chuckled when I noticed the Eggarian section in your side menu. I have never seen that before! Very nice.