Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Raspberry Milk Shake



After my
  • Raspberry Kaaram Chutney
  • experiment and after getting to know that it indeed is a panacea for a host of diseases I have been on the look out for more raspberry recipes and ways to incorporate it into my menu... Here is a quick Raspberry milk shake that one can try.All that you need is raspberry, honey and milk and if you have an extreme sweet tooth like me, some sugar too!I added a few Strawberries too for that sweet aroma.


    Milk-250 ml
    Honey-50 ml


    Blend together raspberry,strawberry, milk,honey and sugar.Sieve out the seeds from the milk shake and enjoy chilled! Posted by Picasa Posted by Picasa


    Reshma said...

    berry good:)

    sudhav said...

    raspberry is very new to me indianadoc, but truly after looking at vineela'a and your post i feel i must try it soon..thank u so much..

    indianadoc said...

    thanx reshma and thanx sudha...do try raspberries...they are too good.

    Anonymous said...

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