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South Indian has a host of Rice Recipes like Tamarind Rice,Lemon Rice,Coconut Rice,Tomato Rice,Curd Rice,Brinjal Rice etc known in different names.These rice varieties seemed to be quite popular too in almost all the South Indian states except,perhaps Kerala...Well,I have heard that Kerala brahmins did make these rice varieties but the general masses did not really have this in their menu.So when I was working in Chittoor, this 'chithrannam' or the different rice concept was a bit new...but I liked it, for it was definitely a welcome change from the routine Steamed Rice and Sambar combination in the hostel.The basic concept of these rice varieties was steamed rice with different seasonings and combinations served mostly cold.In many of the temples in Andhra,Karnataka and Tamilnadu, like for instance
  • Tirumala
  • these rice varieties are offered to God and are distributed as 'Prasad'.Those temple 'prasad's are just awesome.Moreover one should say these Rice varieties are some of the easiest tasty rice recipes available in South India.Tamarind Rice/Puliogarai/Pulisadam/Hulianna is a tangy rice combination which can be made quite easily. You could either use the standard Puliogarai Masala available in the market(like MTR,Priya) or prepare on your own.

    Rice-1 cup
    Puliyogare Mix-2Tbsp
    Salt -as required
    Thick tamarind juice-1 cup(You may add more if you want it tangier)


    Oil-2 1/2 tbsp
    Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp.
    Peanuts-1 tbsp.
    Bengal gram-1/2tsp
    Black gram-1/2 tsp.
    Dry Red Chillies-2
    Curry leaves-1 sprig

    Cook rice and cool it. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds,peanuts, bengal gram and black gram,dry red chillies&curry leaves(one after the other,once they have spluttered).Add Puliogare Masala and salt and mix well.Add this seasoning to the cooked rice and mix well.Serve with Sago Fritters(Sontagi/Vadiyalu),Appalam/Papad.

    Puliogarai Masala
    1/2 cup jaggery( powdered)
    1 tsp. turmeric powder
    1 tsp. asafoetida
    10 curry leaves
    1-1/2 cups coriander seeds
    2 cups dried red chillies
    1/4 cup black peppercorns
    1/2 cup cumin seeds
    1 tbsp. fenugreek seeds
    1 tsp. mustard seeds
    1 large cinnamon stick - broken into pieces
    1/2 tsp. asafoetida
    1 1/2 tbsp. sesame seeds
    Dry roast all the ingredients except the red chillies and jaggery in a heavy-based pan until it turns light brown. Heat 1 tsp. oil and fry the red chillies until it starts glazing.Grind all the ingredients together to a fine powder
    Store in an air-tight container.

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