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ChattiPathiri & Adukku pathiri- Malabar Muslim/Mappila Speciality

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I had postponed making this favourite Malabar delicacy for a long time hoping to get Pathiri Chatti,a traditional shallow mud vessel in which we make pathiri,kuthappam, and many more Malabar delicacies, from home.It did not look like I could wait longer....So thought of personalising it a little bit to suit my conditions....a few changes,but the output remained the same....A very sad thing this time is that I'm not able to post all the step by step snaps...I dont know what I did while transferring all the snaps from the camera...I'm not able to locate the folder now!!Luckily I had eaten only a piece of I have here for you the remaining Chattipathiri!!(So sorry pals,next time...shall be more careful!)

Malabar Muslims,as I have said elsewhere in some of my Malabar recipe posts,have had a classic culinary culture,very distinct and unique,much influenced by the Arab,Moghul and the local Kerala cuisine.The recipes are very exotic like stuffed 'AaduPorichathu',Goat roast where Goat is stuffed with marinated chicken, and that chicken stuffed with eggs!!(Isn't that really exotic?);
Stuffed mussels fry(Arikadukka),stuffed chickenfry
(Kozhi(Koyi)NirachuPorichathu),Barbecued Fish(Meen chuttathu),KozhipidiMeenpathiri,AdukkuPathiri,
Kozhicurry,Mutton curry,Beef chaps,Tharipayasam,
Alsa ,Unnakkayaetc etc
....of which some I have made an attempt to post....
and many remain!!

Chatti pathiri may perhaps be called the Malabar style layered cake!This can be a five layered or 10 layered or even 20 layered chattipathiri...depends on how big the occasion is !!This is a must for any big get together in a Mappila(Malabar Muslim) family and during special occasions like Ramzan. I am a Malabari who has grown seeing my mother and many of my 'ithathas' do these various recipes...I still remember those days.... during a 'Puyyapla thakkaaram(salkaaram)',a banquet for the newly married, my mother used to join the 'ithathas' in making all these delicacies...and they used to do the same for us wheneve we had a big get together...It was an amazing relationship that we had with our sweet muslim neighbours...Here is the recipe,which some of you had already asked me:

For Pathiri:
AllPurpose flour/maida-100g(for making 6 layers)
Oil-1 tbsp
Water-as required
Salt-as required

Sugar-5tbsp(Can adjust according to u'r preferences)
Ghee-1 tbsp
Grated coconut-3 tbsp
Cashew nuts-25g(broken)
Poppy seeds/Khuskhus-3tbsp
Cardamom powder-1 tsp

For coating:
Cardamom-a pinch

Mix the flour with water,oil and salt and knead into a dough like that of Chappathi,medium thick.Using a roller pin roll it out into paper-thin chapathies of uniform size(~8inches diameter) on a dusted flour board.Heat a griddle and cook the chappathies lightly on a tawa.You can vary the size of the chappathi depending on the size of the pathiri chatti or the vessel in which you are baking it.

Beat 3 eggs with sugar,1tbsp ghee, and cardamom.Heat a wok.Add 1 tbsp ghee,saute raisins,cashewnuts,poppy seeds and grated coconut until they change the colour slightly.Now add the beaten egg and scrambled the whole mixture. Keep it aside.

Beat the remaining eggs, sugar and cardamom and keep aside.

Take a non-stick baking tray, spread 1 tsp oil or ghee all around(spray the nonstick oil).Keep one chapathi as the first layer.Now dip the second chapathi in the egg mixture,coat well and place it on top.Arrange the scrambled egg mixture. Keep another chappathi on top.Make a new layer.Keep adding the egg-coating at each step and finally pour the remaining egg mixture over the sides and on the top. Garnish it with cashew nuts and raisins and bake in an oven for nearly 15 mintues or till the whole pathiri turns golden.Traditionally the baking is done in a sealed container with the coconut husk embers on top....Though a little bit of a process the delicacy is definitely worth the trouble...especially for all those with a sweet tooth!!

This shall be my entry for JFI-4 hosted by
  • Santhi
  • and for
  • FMR
  • hosted by Revathi.

    Another similar Malabar pathiri is Adukku Pathiri...thought I'll share the recipe here,if anybody is interested....shall post the snaps ASAP.

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    Egg Batter

    Coconut milk-4tbsp
    Turmeric powder-a pinch
    Cardamom-3 pods
    Salt-a pinch

    For the Rice Batter

    Rice flour-4 dessert spoon
    Coconut milk-300ml
    Sugar- 5 table spoon:
    Cardamom -4pods
    Ghee as required
    Salt-a pinch

    Beat the eggs and sugar along with the rest of the ingredients and keep it aside.
    Make the rice batter mixing rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, pinch of salt, cardamom. Grease a small vessel that can fit into your pressure cooker.Pour some water in the pressure cooker and keep the vessel int it.First pour 4-table spoon rice batter into the greased vessel and steam it till it is done.Now brush 1tsp ghee evenly on the cooked layer.Now pour 2table spoon egg batter and steam till it is cooked. Once the egg batter layer is cooked, pour again 4-table spoon rice batter and steam. You need not apply ghee on the egg batter. Apply ghee only on the rice batter layer. Repeat this until you finish both the batter.When all batter is over steam once again for 2-3 minutes.Now remove from fire. Allow it to cool, and remove from cooker.Cut it into desired shapes and serve as a snack. It will give beautiful layers of yellow and white once cut into shapes.


    archana said...

    Oh, thank y ou. Can't wait for the recipe !

    surya said...

    Thanks Shyni.Once I had tasted it from my friend's home but I don't know the exact recipe.I will try it for sure.

    santhi said...

    Thank you for the entry shyani..
    and it looks sooo good too..

    Revathi said...

    Absolutely new recipe.. Woowwww. I can imagine all the flavours of ghee, raisins, coconut, cashews all roasty and hot inside the melting sugar... soundss really yummy..

    Annita said...

    Wow..looks cool..I think i want to try everything from ur blog..

    KrishnaArjuna said...

    Wow look at you already getting a head start for the JFI!
    Great recipe Shynee!

    indianadoc said...

    >thanks archana...I remember u had asked me the recipe long back...Pl do try....with your baking skills,pathiri might look even more gorgeous...
    >thanx surya for dropping in...and pl do try...
    >thanx shanthi for accepting my entry...
    >Yes is a royal husband had never tasted this earlier...he was all praises for it ;)
    >Annita...I know u r a brilliant cook and have the patience to really detail out each recipe in such vivid pictures!!
    >I wasnt sure whether I'll be able to post on 1st Aug...dint want to miss the postd quite early!!thanx for the kind words too...

    Sumitha said...

    Its OK Shynee that you couldnt post the step wise pics!You know Shynee dishes like this pathiri,pidi...I havent even heard of these until you posted!Thanks!I am having problems with blogger today cant post anything:(

    Shaheen said...

    the recipe looks good,and ur method is right too.hmm makes me want to eat one now.

    indianadoc said...

    >Sumi,happy to know that my posts are being useful in introducing some of these Malabar recipes to u...yes, i cant do anything abt the snaps now...but do not understand why the folder is missing while the snaps are available and I can't copy them or post them!! next time!!Hope u r blogger problem is resolved...

    >Thanx shaheen for dropping a fellow Malabari has certified my recipe as authentic...Yes I know most of the Malabar recipes are very r u off to make u'r chattipathiri?Pl do post u'rs when it is ready.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Auntie,

    I had some of this today at the surgery, (you'd packed it for lunch) and it was so delicious. I'll have to ask mum to make it one day!


    Anonymous said...

    Hi Auntie,

    I had some of this for lunch today, and it was really really nice. I'll have to get mum to make it one day! (The food yesterday and today was really good too! Now I know why uncle's so keen to join the gym!)


    indianadoc said...

    >That comment came as a surprise Anu!! Happy that u liked it...Well I can definitely make it for u again....I dont know how uncle's gym protocol is going to work....spend money to eat& put on a lot of fat, and spend money to lose the same fat...yes I too will have to join soon(hopefully)!!

    Nandita said...

    Ah Beautiful flour recipe Shyani! It's probably an Indian version of the Mediterranean dessert baklava that is layers stuffed with dates :) I love your version, will remember it when I'm in an indulgent mood.

    Vineela said...

    Hi SHYNEE,
    nice recipe for jfi .THIS IS NEW TO ME.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Puspha said...

    WOW!!! That looks amazing.

    RP said...

    I want to try this too. Is this same as kalathappam? I have a long list of malabar recipes to try. Whatever I have tried so far came out great, and the taste tempts me to make them again and again.

    indianadoc said...

    >thanx nandita for dropping in...I'm not reallly aware of Baklawa...sounds interesting...well there are quite a lot of Malabar dishes were dates are used in plenty...could possibly be the Arab influence...
    >thanx vineela...
    >No this is not is a sweet appam with onions etc added...hopefully shall blog some day....people generally like it a lot..but I somehow am not that interested in Kalathappam...RP, to be honest there arent many,rather any Malabar dish which is disappointing...not 'cos I'm a Malabari...the cuisine is indeed very unique and has a huge range of variety....If u have Ummi Abdulla's cook book u dont really require to ask anybody any is almost the Bible for Malabar cuisine...

    Anonymous said...

    I wanted to ask you about the storage of mysore pack, does it need refrigeration? and how long they would last if not consumed soon?.

    Shankari said...

    Bakhlavah came to mind as soon as I saw this. Seems like a painstaking recipe, but the end result looks delicious. (Oh just when I am trying to lose weight)

    archana said...

    Enthenkilum post cheyyyu dear....

    indosungod said...

    reading about all the dishes the Malabar dishes the Muslims make made my mouth water. I guess baking and Oh man the ChattiPathiri looks absolutely delicious.

    indianadoc said...

    >Anonymous, I have never had enough stock of mysore pak to store in the fridge....I have a great sweet tooth and finish it off in no time ;)...but generally mysore pak has a shelf life outside the fridge for more than 3 wks,if the ghee is good and the weather is not very sultry.But I have seen my mom stock mysore pak,even 'mixture' in the fridge (for the guests!)in zipper bags for a long time.(My mom's freezer is often full of chakka varattiyathu,unniyappam,sukhiyan etc...)She just heat it in the microwave for a minute or two before serving.

    >Archana,I'm just consciously avoiding blogging...wanted to break off the obsession!!Doesnt look very easy ;)
    >Shankari to be honest,it isnt that painstaking...and for the final is compensated!!...Dieting?...that is the resolution that I make after every dessert and after every heavy meal...but I remain the same,a food glutton!
    >thanx indosun for visiting my blog...yes malabar muslim dishes are indeed very tasty...n chattipathiri is just gorgeous!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Indianadoc! This is Rg here. This recipe Sounds very yummy. I've a question for u though. (Don't know if you'll be checking this out.) Can this be made a day ahead? I'm gonna try this today and if it turns out as good as yours, I'm gonna make this for the thanksgiving potluck party. thanks for sharing this recipe shynee.


    indianadoc said...

    >sorry Rg, I missed u'r query...I think it should be alright but generally we make it only the day...Hope u had a wonderful party...

    Yahya said...

    need aduku pathiriu recipe with chiken, white steamed rice batter in middle chiken masala then again rice steamed

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Indianadoc - This is sini. Thanks for your chatti pathiri recipe. It is the only one I found on the web. Please advise if the thin maida chappatis can be replaced by readily available SPRING ROLL SHEETS (Very very thin) or Lasagne Sheets (Slightly thicker.

    indianadoc said...

    >yahya, thanx for dropping in...shall post it some day...quite busy these days to post anythg...
    >thanx sini for dropping in...Well, I haven't tried them with these sheets so far...sounds could perhaps give it a try!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Indianadoc,

    This is Sini again. I tried Chatti Pathiri with the Spring Roll Sheets and it came out really well. Filo pastry sheets also should give the same results. This minimises the prep. time as well. Thanks for your recipe.

    hajara_teacher said...

    thereis a bad smell of egg when i prepare chattipathiri.what to do for it?

    indianadoc said...

    >thanx sini for sharing your experience.I too wil try the same next time.
    >hajara teacher, when u break the egg into a bowl,you'll find a very small,but thick whitish thing in the egg white...that is wht gives egg the foul smell, so if you remove that, u cn get rid of the bad smell...

    nived said...

    this is nk I just wanted to know whether you can post the recipe for arikkadukka,mussels stuffed with rice ,tried a lot of places didnt got the orginal recipe,
    it would be grat if you can post it naturally if you have it

    shama said...

    hi shyni...glad to see chattipathiri recipe, brought me back memories of grandma n mom. chattipathiri also tastes wonderful with beef, or with shrimps. Its great for those who want it spicy..donno how it is made though, i believe the filling would be like that of samosa..mmm i'm dying for it now.
    take care