Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lehsani Murgh Fry/Garlic Chicken Fry

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Lehsani Murgh fry, as the name says it, is Garlic chicken fry, common in North India and Pakistan....Though I have used less spices to suit the palates of our guests I am sharing the recipe here in the proper Desi style!So here is my recipe for it:


Red chilli powder-1/2 tsp(optional-if u want it hot)
Dessicated coconut-2 tsp
Curry leaves-1 sprig
Garlic powder-1 1/2 tsp(the flavour shd come subtle, too much and too less can spoil the dish)
Salt-as required
White Pepper powder-1 tsp
turmeric-a pinch-optional
Egg-1 beaten
Oil-as required.


Clean and cut the chicken pieces.Grind together dessicated coconut&turmeric powder,paprika,(chillipowder, if u r adding it) to a coarse paste.Finally add curry leaves(do not grind curry leaves too much, for it might taste bitter) and give a quick whisk for a second.Now pour this over the chicken pieces.See to it that they coat the pieces completely.Add 4tbsp milk and cook chicken till it is partially done.Dont use any water, as the chicken gets cooked,water and fat runs out from the pieces(I microwaved it at high for nearly 7 minutes).Now add the garlic powder(You could use garlic paste as well) and cook the chicken further for 4 minutes.Beat Egg with a little milk,salt and pepper.Now heat oil in a shallow pan.When the oil is hot, dip each of the cooked chicken pieces in the beaten egg and shallow fry in very very simmering flame.If you use a higher flame, the pieces are likely to have a charred coating cos of the garlic and coconut gravy covering it.Keep turning the sides till all the sides are uniformly roasted to a golden brown shade. Serve it hot wih a drizzle of sauce/butter and garnished with roasted onion and tomatoes.


Sumitha said...

Hey Shynee,this is very bad,dont post pictures of yummy dishes all together like this!Post the recipe soon please:)

starry nights said...

I have to agree with sumitha, tempting us with delicious pics.

indianadoc said...

>Sorry Sumi n SN,I am a bit busy with some guests at home...shall post it soon!!

mae said...

Can't wait for the recipe!

Thanks for coming to visit my site :)

Ashwini said...

I am waiiiiiting for the kebab recipe myself

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