Friday, July 07, 2006

My first cook books

Yippee!! I got my first cook books ever...A basic French and new found passsions....It was, as usual, one of our aimless drive around the town,exploring the lesser known nooks of it...and we ended up in a market...nah...a heaven...of books n books n books...the old classical collections,fengshui,mantra,yoga,cookery, and what not!....and sweet aroma of homemade cookies and pastries...Potted plants and flowers...vegetable seeds, garden tools....I found lot of real happiness in the faces of those innocent villagers...Happy to earn their small pennies and live large!!


RP said...

Wow! What a find! I haven't tried any french recipes yet. We love Italian food. Whenever we dine out, it will be an Italian restaurent, if not Indian. I try Italian recipes from FoodTV and from internet. I can't wait to see what you make from these books. Hope you will blog about it.

indianadoc said...

>hopefully RP, but only once I'm confident I'll blog abt it...I dont wish to have casualties!!

Anonymous said...

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