Friday, July 07, 2006

Chicken-Paneer Kababs

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I knew that kababs were quite popular with the English people and hence thought of preparing some chicken kababs.When I was taking chicken out from my freezer an almost finished packet of paneer popped up, which I had forgotten for long!...Thought I'll give 'mukthi' to it!...I loved the colour of that cute looking sweet orange peppers that I had got from the supermarket last time and wanted to show it off somewhere!!...So the idea struck of skewering it with chicken and paneer, along with some onions and green peppers to add to the festive touch and grill it.I kept it very simple keeping in mind the food habits of my guests.Thanks to RP for sharing Sailu's kabab link.But I wish I had seen Sailu's
  • Paneer kebabs
  • earlier, for I could have given a more professional look to my measley looking kebabs with all those different masalas!I had my kebab very simple but hurray!! it was a hit!Here's how I did it.


    Chicken- 250g(cut into small pieces)
    Paprika-1tsp(I would have used hot read chilly powder...but...)
    turmeric-a pinch
    Pepper powder-1/2 tsp
    Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp
    Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese-100g(cubed)
    Sweet orange pepper-3(cut into squares)
    Green bell pepper-1 medium(cut into squares)
    Onion-1/2(cut into thin squares)
    Salt-as required
    Oil/Butter-as required
    Lemon juice-1 tbsp


    Marinate the chicken pieces and paneer pieces with paprika,pepper powder,turmeric ginger garlic paste and salt.Cook the marinated chicken with 4tbsp milk.I cooked it at high in the microwave for 10 minutes.Now once the pieces are cold,skewer it up with onion,peppers and paneer alternating. Brush a little butter/oil over the kebabs. Now heat in a preheated grill, turning sides till all the sides are uniformly golden...serve it hot with a dash of lemon juice and tomato sauce!


    Shankari said...

    dont do looks too appetizing and my niece is so into finger foods..waiting for the recipe.

    RP said...

    Is it tofu? I remember Sailu had a similar recipe and pictures.

    indianadoc said...

    Not tofu...Oh that's I cdnt find it in Sailu's...It is indeed difficult to browse thro' her huge collection..Don't know under which category she would have tagged it...Well,This is ...'Poor Nonveg'!

    RP said...

    Here is the link to Sailu's paneer kebabs. Hmmm... if it is non-veg, is it chicken? or fish?

    indianadoc said...

    thanx RP for the link...Sailu's Kababs r amazing....i'm a bit busy with some guests...shall post my recipe soon!