Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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Mysore pak,Jilebi,Laddu,Jhangri,different varieties of Halwa,Jamuns,Rasagolla,....will the list end any where....and will I ever stop drooling over them?!!...I used to chorus along with my father always, that I shall rather die eating sweets to my content than being forbidden to eat them in the name of diabetes or obesity!!I still remember, my father had just come out of the ICU after his first heart attack, and we ate sneakingly 2 'Perk' before the doctors or visitors came in,he brushed off all the tit bits of the wafer chocolate from his face clean,and was lying down like an innocent kid when people came inside!!India has a huge collection of sweets and desserts that one can never resist... and someone with a sweet tooth,like me, needs the least reason to eat or to make these sweets...Before sharing the recipe, let me warn about the casualties that I have had earlier while making Mysore Pak...If you want to have a real good soft mysore pak, you cannot be very fat conscious and be stingy about your ghee ratio.You may end up with something really too trying for your teeth!!...One more thing is when the flour,sugar and ghee are mixed and cooked over heat... remove it from heat once the flour mix leave the sides...If you prolong it too long you may end up with Mysore Pak good enough to pelt the dogs!! I have had instances where finally,reluctant to throw the tasty but stony amorphous Mysore pak bricks, I had to pound them in the mortar and pestle to eat it as Mysore Pak Podi!!...Having gone thro' these casualties earlier this time I was more careful and it was worth the trouble. Still I wouldnt call the shape of my Mysore Pak so professional, but the taste was nothing short of it!! Here goes the recipe:

Gram flour/Besan/Chickpea flour-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Ghee-1 cup
water-3/4 cups


Boil sugar with water and reduce it to a thread like syrupy consistency in a heavy based sauce pan.Add ghee to the water and slowly add the gram flour and stir in to mix well with the sugar syrup and ghee.Keep stirring with a wooden ladle and as soon as it starts leaving the sides remove it from fire.Transfer it to a greased plate.Flatten the top with a spatula and cut it out into squares or diamonds before it gets dried up.Let it cool...and enjoy your Mysore Pak!!


Sumitha said...

Shynee, that was funny amorphophallous bricks!:):):)I love to try it out especially since I have the recipe from you now,Maybe should get my husband doing it this weekend,he somehow is good at all the stuff like baking that I dread to even try!
And honestly,your Mysore paks looks professional too:)

indianadoc said...

Sumi...sometimes these things are better prepared by men!!Back home in Kerala,my father used to be more active in making Jilebis,Laddus and Mysore Paks( and in eating them too!!)...Professional... and me?...kabhi nahi!!I'm most the unprofessional cook, to be honest...I just trust my instinct...so far...so good!!