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Sailu's Jihva for ingredients
seems to have been a great success with people posting plenty of dal recipes...all my telugu bloggers seems to have been bent upon leaving me drooling over all my hot favourites like poli,poornalu,sunnundalu,pappu payasam etc etc...which I had kept pending in my to-do list...and obviously now cannot resist doing....My mom is already deeply alarmed looking at my blog,worrying about my statistics!!....and both of us here are competing with each other as to who can outbeat the other in increasing the girth!!

A very interesting thing about this kind of an event is that we get to know many similarities and the varieties of recipes that we as a nation share among ourselves...We are really proud to own a great culinary heritage and for most recipes that we perhaps post here there is a great lineage of patrons of yesteryears,our mothers,grand mothers,great grandmothers... to whom we owe all our acknowledgements...Well, it is impossible for cooks anywhere to give credit to all those debts...as rightly said by many, our skills,our tastes,our discoveries....everything is based upon the compressed layers of experience of family,friends,chance acquaintances,other cooks,and the great ranks of the generations that have preceded us.

Sukhiyan is a common snack in Kerala,one could say the brother of Telugu poornalu.Whoever has given the name to Sukhiyan, has been very thoughtful, for it indeed gives you a lot of 'sukh'(comfort)to u'r palates when eaten with a drizzle of fresh ghee....!!(Aaloru sukhiyan thanney!!)...It is a kind of sweet version of the 'bonda',where we use seasoned potato filling.And here is the recipe for the sukhiyan.

Green gram (whole) 1 cup- Roasted
Jaggery/Brown sugar- ½ cup
Grated coconut- ½ cup
Cardamom powder ½ teaspoon
Ghee- 2 tablespoon
Maida/All purpose flour- 1 cup
Water-as required
Oil-for deep frying
Salt a pinch
Heat a heavy bottomed vessel.Roast the green gram in it until u can smell the fine aroma of the grams. Leave it to cool.Cook the Green gram adding 1 1/2 cup water, and when it is almost done add a pinch of salt.It should be cooked well but please see to it that it doesnt become mushy, for then it will be difficult to mould into medium lemon size balls...(no offence please!!).Once cooked,spread it out in a plate, allow the water to evaporate.Leave it to cool.

Heat Ghee in a heavy bottomed saucepan.When it melts, add jaggery. Mix well and let it melt.(If you are not sure of the quality of jaggery, you may melt it with a little water,sieve it for impurities and then add the pure syrup to the hot ghee). Add the grated coconut,mix well.Add the Green gram&cardamom powder.Mix everything well. Saute everything for a couple of minutes and then remove from the stove. Make small lemon size balls with the cooked mixture.

Make a medium thick batter with Maida(like
  • Pazhampori
  • ) adding a pinch of salt.Heat oil in a wok.Once it starts smoking slightly,dip each of the green gram balls in the batter,coating it uniformly, and then gently slip into the hot oil and deep fry till golden brown.Enjoy with a drizzle of ghee over it(if you are not much concerned about the sweet burgeonings of your body)!!


    Puspha said...

    Wonder wat this is.......

    Priya Bhaskaran said...

    shinny...this is my favorite snack when I was in trivandrum:) One snack I love at NSS hostel is sukhiyan:)

    Sumitha said...

    I had never heard of it Shynee!Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe!

    archana said...

    Ahhaa, you made it !!!!!! I just simply adore sukhiyan, love it sooooo much, and make it often. You just reminded me to make it again soon. Thank you

    Anonymous said...

    I was contemplating whether to make Sukhiyan or Munthirikkotthu for JFI and decided on Munthirikkotthu since it was not common! Great entry! :)

    Vineela said...

    Hi Shynee,
    I was not at home this weekend.After reading your post i felt to say these words your great dad will be blessing you people always.
    Smile Smile Smile always.
    Sukhiyalu is my favourite coz my ammamma used to very tastily.She loves us verymuch and she lives in our memories now.
    O.K then this is a nice entry to JFI.

    indianadoc said...

    thanx pushpa for dropping in...ws a bit busy to post the recipe for sukhiyan.
    >Priya,we too used to get in our college hostel at B'lore,for the head cook ws a Malayali!3 cheers to our hostel cooks!!
    >Sumi,I'm surprised...for malayalis it is a common snack,prbly cos u were an NRK, u might have missed it!
    >Yes archana, I can never stop making anything sweet...do make it and I know your snaps are going to give it a heavenly status!
    >LG, this is not my JFI entry dear...I ws just referring to JFI,DalMakhani ws my entry...your munthirikothu is sitting in my to do list.
    >Vineela dear,thanx for those sweet words...You too have mistaken it to be my JFI entry, I ws jus casually referring to the JFI,my entry was Dal Makhani.I wish I too were lucky to enjoy the love of an Ammamma...lost her even b4 I ws born...Your Ammamma is definitely making your dishes greater with all her blessings and of course your life too!!

    Anonymous said...

    Ah! Isint it illegal to use the icon on another recipe which is not an entry? :-) hehehhehe.

    Orchidea said...

    Nice... I really like to taste this one.

    indianadoc said...

    >Ha ha LG! Samaram Cheyyum, samaram cheyyum, niyama langhanathinethirey samaram cheyyum!!
    >thanx Orchidea, for visiting my blog...I wish I could give you some to taste!