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Chinese Fried Rice


If you ask 100 people the recipe for chinese fried rice, you will get 100 different varieties, all in the name of chinese fried rice and tasty in their own way...This chinese recipe like many other chinese food has swept the world off the feet and every culture has welcomed it and made their own!...Cultures overlap and habits overlap with the world shrinking more and more with the advent of globalisation and networking in the info high way.I too have my Chinese fried recipe which anybody can claim as theirs,as well!!

Chinese fried rice is all about cooked rice fried along with some fried crunchy vegetables,with a few typical sauces added and one can add variety to it by adding scrambled eggs, cooked chicken, ham, shrimps etc to make fried race which taste differently.In certain restaurants if you ask for Chinese fried rice you get a very rich rice medley of all these...meat,vegetables and egg!!To make Chinese fried rice it is generally preferred to use long grained rice,cooked and refrigerated.Fried rice thus becomes a wonderful option when you have any left over rice....refrigerated rice gives the advantage of having the grains separate, which is considered to be the hall mark of Chinese fried rice.I should say here again that due to my absent mindedness I did miss out slightly on the consistency, I was fancying things and sauted it a bit more than that was necessary!!...So here's my recipe:


Cooked rice-2 cups
Mixed Vegetables-2 cups(cut uniformly-green peppers,peas,cauliflower,Chinese leaves,broccoli,carrot,beans,potato etc)
Egg-1(scrambled with a pinch of salt and white pepper)
Soya sauce-1 tsp
Oyster sauce-1tsp
Tomato sauce-1tsp
Red Chilli sauce-1tsp
Green chilli-1 (optional)
Green onion-1(chopped thin)
Spring onion-100g(chopped)
Salt-as required
Cooked chicken/ham/shrimps-may be added


Heat oil in a wide mouthed wok.Add onion, spring onion,chopped garlic.Saute for a couple of minutes.Now add the remaining vegetables.Saute for 3 or 4 minutes.Should not become too soft...crunchiness should remain.Add the sauces.Saute for a couple of minutes.Now add th cooked rice(rice should not have lumps, break it with hand, if any).Saute everything together.Add pepper and salt as required. Finally add the scrambled eggs. Mix well and serve it hot with any other chinese side dishes like
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    Sumitha said...

    I have always wanted to make a good Chinese fried rice,have even tried once,it was a disaster:(I didnt like it at all.
    Now since you have posted the recipe,I have regained my confidence to try this one

    maddy said...

    i have more suggestions so u can try variations the next time - add a pinch of MSG(u can get it in chinese store sin US though most frown down upon MSG) to get the perfect tang to the whole thing. second idea try using sesame oil and a bit of crushed red chilli if u like it hot. and finally if u want to mallufy it, add some chopped coriander...

    Typical INgredients said...


    I've got your link through Paz.

    I love fried rice since it goes along with anything..

    Your platting looks beautiful and of course the fried rice itself looks yummy...thanks for sharing your different version of fried rice...

    BTW-can I add you on my link? thanks in advance.


    Ashwini said...

    Ummm how I love that dish. It surprises me that rice can taste so good :-)

    indianadoc said...

    >Sumi, many a times I have had to convert my fried rice to Khichdi!!....I have managed on the taste,but sometimes the consistency has failed...I have started using cooked rice of ghee rice consistency(I usually microwave rice with double water at high for 17minutes!!...Hope you get u'r fried rice right this time.
    >Thanx Maddy for visiting my blog and for all your lovely suggestions.I know about MSG,but I too dont use it cos it is said that it very harmful to body...(not that we r very health conscious :),thought why to take the trouble of getting the trouble!!)...Your sesame oil- crushed red chilli-coriander concept seems to be definitely a good time, sure mallufying!!
    >Thanx CJ for dropping in and for your kind words...your are more than welcome to add the link...and I too shall add yours...and we shall definitely keep in touch and exchange lots of ideas....thanx a lot...
    >Thanx cannot help liking fried rice!

    1:17 AM

    Anand said...

    Have a plan to prepare that..... Will let you know the result!!

    indianadoc said...

    >thanx anand for dropping tell me whether it was a hit or a flop!! ;)

    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

    Fried rice will not become soggy if you use day old rice. Alternatively cook the rice and cool it COMPLETELY before frying it.