Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Kerala-The untapped beauty of this lush green state in the Indian subcontinent has immense potential for attracting tourists from all over the world...Its back waters,rivers & sea provide ample scope for aqua tourism in addition to health tourism with its great ayurvedic tradition. The colorful festivals like Onam, Vishu,Pooram etc are really a feast to the eyes.

'Theyyam' is a gorgeous relegious dance form and is really a way of life for the North Keralites Theyyam is in fact one of the most outstanding ancient dance form of North Kerala. . The word 'Theyyam' originated from 'Daivam' whic means God. The Theyyam or Kolam (a form or shape), represents a mythological, divine or heroic character. There are around 400 Theyyams in northern Kerala. The bizarre head dresses, costumes and body painting and trance like performances are very extraordinary. Each one has a distinguishing headgear and costume made out of natural materials like coconut leaves and bark. Musical accompaniments are chenda, elathalam and kuzhal (horn). The Theyyams are exclusively performed by the male members of the traditional caste groups like Malayan, Vannan, Navilan, Pulayan, Koppalan and Velan. They actually belong to the scheduled castes and tribes. Female roles are also enacted by men wearing suitable makeup and colourful costumes. During the festival season between January and April, Theyyam performances can be seen in most of the Bagavathy Kavu (Temple) at North Malabar during December - April of every year. Unfortunately this divine art form is almost heading towards its extinction due to lack of proper patronage. 'God's own country had become more of a cliche is sad that the Gods are 'dying'! I just hope that Theyyams do not become just another nostalgic memory for the malayalees.....

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