Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kovakka Ularthiyathu/Dondakkai veppudu



Kovakka(Indian Tindora)-250g
onion-1 (medium size)
chilli powder -1tsp
Dhaniya powder-1/2tsp
Udad dal-½ tsp
Chana dal- ½ tsp
Green chilli-3
Mustard- ¼ tsp
Cumin seed- ¼ tsp
curry leaves
2 tbsp oil,
salt to taste, .

Cut kovakka into small pieces. Heat oil in a pan.When oil is hot add Mustard,Cumin seeds,Chana dal, Udad dal and curry leaves. When they have spluttered add Onion and chilli minced(preferably in a chopper)and fry them till onion turns into light brown colour. Now add Kovakka pieces and all the other ingredients with some water. Simmer the flame and allow Kovakka to get cooked, with the pan closed for 10-12minutes(till it is dry). Remove and serve hot as a side dish with steamed rice. Posted by Picasa


Swathi Tadakamalla said...

Your site is really a good potpourri of south indian recipes...meethi yaavu ooru ani theliyadam lethey!!

indianadoc said...

vanta bagunte chaalu kadanti...thanx for visiting my blog...u'r comments are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

awesome recipe..... thxxxx