Saturday, April 22, 2006

Microwave Caramel Egg pudding

The way to a man's heart....

My husband keeps blackmailing me saying that the 'way to a man's heart is thro' his stomach!'. So today I thought of taking that by pass road to his heart by cooking his favourite....


Eggs-2 (medium sized)
milk-1 cup
condensed milk-1/2cup
cream-4 tbsp
cornflour-2 tbsp

For caramel
brown cane sugar-50g (ordinary sugar will do)


Whisk the eggs thoroughly, preferrably using an electric whisk, for a couple of minutes. Then add cream and sugar, whisk again for a minute & add milk and cornflour. Whisk again for a couple of minutes. Prepare the caramel by heating the sugar in a sauce pan and when the sugar melts and starts caramalising(darkens), add 2tbsp of water and allow it to boil till you achieve a sauce like consistency. Take a heavy bottomed vessel, grease it with a little butter. Pour the caramel into the vessel and swirl it so that it forms a uniform layer. Then pour the beaten egg mixture into it without much disturbing the caramel layer. Allow it to cook in the microwave at high for 4 minutes. Insert a skewer and if the skewer comes clean, tis done. There could be individual variations in the time taken depending upon the specifications of u'r gadget. Now once cool, refrigerate it for an hour and then invert the vessel on to a plate with the caramel coming on top. You can serve it with a topping of whipped cream or ice cream and garnish it with chopped nuts.
Alternatively this can be cooked in a pressure cooker using double boiling for 30mts ( till u feel it is cooked enough)or in an electric oven at 200 Celsius for nearly 30 minutes.
Ginnam Halu
With the same ingredients you can also mimick the taste of a kannadiga local favourite called 'ginnam halu' (1st snap), prepared using the cholestrum of the cow. Just allow the caramalised brown cane sugar to blend with the partially cooked egg mixture, but the mixture should not be cooked so much as the caramel pudding.You may cook it only for 2minutes.This is best done in a conventional oven by cooking it at 200 degree Celsius for 15 minutes and then another 15 minutes standing time. Moreover you should not add cornflour. It mimicks the taste so well that you can't really find out the difference.

You call it Caramel Egg pudding,Mexican Flan or Ginnam Halu....this dessert just melts into your mouth...Yummy, yummy!!


Anonymous said...

Vow! that snap is too irressistible and so should be the recipe, I suppose. Thanx for this easy method for making caramel pudding.

sheila said...

I tried it..came out wonderful....thanx indeed for the yummy recipe.