Sunday, April 23, 2006

In memory of those Naans...

My husband's bachelor days have often thrived on the Naans from the 'Indian Take aways' that we have plenty in UK. More often than not, these have been poor surrogates to their desi counterparts. But choicelessness made it all the more relishing and my husband loved it with one of those 'spicy' Indo-Anglian fusion curries. Desi punjabi dabas are not just the favourite of Indian truck drivers but a most sought after choice for most Indian food gluttons. Yesterday I made Naans, Turkey masala and Turkey fry and was happy to see his face beaming!


Maida(All purpose flour)- 300g
Curd-1/2 cup
Salt-As required
Water-3/4 cup

Add 4 table spoons of water to the yeast along with teaspoon of sugar and stir well. Set aside for 12 minutes. Bubbles appear on the surface if the yeast is of good quality.In the remaining water, add sugar, curd, egg, butter, and salt and blend well.(You may use an electronic whisk).
Now add the flour to this liquid and mix it well enough to make a smooth, soft, and elastic dough. Now leave the dough to ferment in a warm bowl, buttered all the sides, covered with a wet cloth.Keep it in a warm place until the dough doubles in height for nearly 1 hour.If impression remains when u push a finger into the dough you can assume that it is ready for cooking

Make the dough into balls of equal size, flatten them into circles with your fingers so that the edges are thicker than the center. You may pull one edge into a tear drop shape if you want the asli daba look.

Then you can roast it on a hot tandoor until it becomes golden brown in colour. Alternatively you may use a very hot tava just like you make any other roti. But cool the tava by sprinkling water after making every Naan so that it is easier to spread the dough with hand.

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