Friday, April 21, 2006

Curd Rice/Thair sadam/bagara bath/Cool stuff

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Curd rice has always been my favourite eversince my hostel days in Andhra.Phaps the coolest thing in our hostel menu was curd rice.
Often it is a wonderful soother for our tumultous intestines after having some of those hot stuffs which make you weep! The fact that it is easier to make, makes it all the more welcome for most housewives when they want to chill out for a day
Rice-2 cups
Water-3 cups
Yoghurt( sour curd)-2 cups
Milk -1/2 cup
Double cream-2tbsp(optional)

dry curd chilies-3 or 4,
mustard, black gram dal(udad daal)-1/2 tsp each
ginger-1 inch (crushed)-optional
green chillies-3(crushed)
a sprig of Curry leaves
a sprig of corriander leaves
Salt- As required
Cook rice well.(A little mushy would be ideal).Let it cool for some time. Then add curd, milk, cream and salt, and mix well.Take a pan and heat the oil. Do the seasoning with mustard, udad dal,curry leaves,ginger, dry curd chilies, & green chillies(preferably in the same order) .Fry them for a couple of minutes. Add this Seasoning to the Curd rice and blend it well. Garnish it with some chopped pineapple & grapes. Have it with mango pickle or some fry, there is nothing tastier than this!

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