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Thai Mushroom Curry &Vegetable Satay


Our recent food expeditions have made me a fan of several International food varieties like Thai and Chinese...So what will I do next?...Get all the Thai curry paste and Chinese ingredients... and obviously get one good Thai & Chinese cook book too!Amazing collection indeed....As a continuation of the 'Dragon Effect' I made this Thai Mushroom curry and Vegetable'Satay'!Thai and Singaporean preparations do have Keralite's signature ingredient,coconut milk in common...So I thought of starting with something familiar before exploring the alien!
Thai Mushroom Curry sounded very much like Malabar Ishtu...and it did taste too but of course Mushroom did make a difference, a welcome difference. Satay is originally from Indonesia, and they are in fact meat skewers...meat marinated with spices and grilled...for a change I thought of using vegetables.So here goes the recipe for both:
Thai Mushroom Curry:
White/Brown Mushrooms-200g-cut into pieces
Shallots-10-chopped(I added one onion too)
Garlic cloves-6-7-chopped
Red chillies-4(seeded,sliced)( I used green chillies and did not seed it!)
Ground Pepper-1 tsp
Coconut Milk-1 cup(200 ml)
Oil-2 tbsp
Salt-as reqd
Coriander leaves-a bunch-chopped


Heat oil.Saute garlic and chillies till they give out a strong aroma.Add the shallots& onion.Saute till they become transluscent.Now add the mushrooms.Saute till they become soft for say 3 minutes.Add coconut milk.Boil rapidly and then reduce the flame.Add salt and pepper.Finally garnish with chopped coriander and serve it hot with any parathas,porotta,Chappathi or with steamed rice.

Vegetable Satay

As I said earlier Satay is basically done with meat...I have had too much of chicken and mutton of I used vegetables...If it can taste so good with vegetables I'm sure it will be great with any othe meat variety.;)(if u r using meat u can use the same recipe for say 250g meat.

Here is the recipe:

Onion-1 large
Orange Sweet Pepper-1 large
Star Fruit/ChathuraPuli-1(for a tangy bite)
Ginger Paste-1tsp
Lemon grass-1 stalk-chopped thin
Garlic cloves-3 chopped
Cumin powder-1tsp
Thai Curry Paste(Medium)-1 tbsp
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Coconut cream-3tbsp
Fish sauce-1tbsp
Sugar-1/2 tsp
Oil-for cooking

Satay Sauce:
Coconut milk-1 cup
Thai Red curry paste-2tbsp
Peanut butter-50g
Vegetable stock-2tbsp
Brown sugar-1 tbsp
Tamarind juice-1tbsp
Fish sauce-1 tbsp
Salt-as reqd


Dice the vegetables into medium size pieces. Marinate it with ginger paste,lemon grass,garlic,medium curry paste,cumin,turmeric,coconut cream,fish sauce and sugar.Leave the marinade to seep thro for half an hour.Meanwhile make the sauce.Heat the coconut milk over a medium flame,add red curry paste,peanut butter, vegetable stock and sugar.Cool and keep stirring till it becomes really smooth,say for 5 minutes.Add the tamarind juice, fish sauce and salt.

Now thread the vegetables on to the skewers.Brush some oil and grill in a preheated grill for say 8 minutes,turning occasionally, until it is all golden brown.Serve with the satay sauce.Sorry,we were in a hurry to rush for a movie and I forgot to take the snap of my sauce before finishing it off!!...I can only say that it tasted great!
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shilpa said...

Oooo mashrooms...I just looove them :D. I was just waiting for any new veg or fish recipe on your blog.

Leena said...

Doc, u r amazing with so many varieties.I have often visited your website but never really made a comment.Everytime I log in u really surprise me with the immense range.Now u seem to be more into international cuisine.But Pl dont desert your malabari specialities.

Annita said...

Wow..I too love Thai dishes..So now we can learn something international also from u,huh?

KrishnaArjuna said...

Going international, are you? Now you can probably change your blog's name to International potpourri :-) (just kidding)
Hey Shynee, sometimes I am unable to post comments on your site. I get redirected to blog not found page.

Sumitha said...

Shynee kutty when, when I ask God I shall be able to try all the recipes in your blog!!!

indianadoc said...

>thanx shilpa for dropping in...hahaha I'm always obsessed with fish...and mushrooms, I love them too..
>Leena,thanx for dropping in and for all the kind words...dont worry...though I may attempt to go global, I'm still a 'local'!I can never give up my love for my local flavour,the flavour of Malabar...
>Annita...Thai food is something that we Indians can easily relate...and I'm very much excited to try all the recent fillings in my pantry, a host of thai,chinese,vietnamese and even Japanese sauces and spices!!When I picked up all those things My husband had that queer expression of fear of the oncoming calamity!!
>Just for a change, KA,hahaha...Intl Potpourri!! Manam yentha international aayina kooda manassu poorthika Indian thaney!!Oh I'm not aware of the prob KA...I have never got grips with this Blogger!!

>Eee kutty parakkunnathinidayilum randu vari yezhuthan samayam kandethunnundallo..yenteeshwara yenikkeppozha ithrayum kshama kittuka!!...You who cook chicken fry after fry can always try anything!!Well hope to meet u if u r in B'lore around that time we come u mail u'r contact no/mail id to my mail id I too would love to meet wd be fun!!

maddy said...

entha samayam mathiyayille? porotta fresh ayi undikkiyillaa?

just pulling your leg

indosungod said...

Shynee if I do not visit your site for a few hours you have a new recipe. Satay is my favorite, doing them with Veggies is a great altrenative. Your Thai Mushroom curry is delicious and the parottas looks so appetizing.

Shankari said...

lovely pics of them

jac said...

I must, I must try !!

sra said...

Hi, have been meaning to tell you - your pix for the pumpkin dish a few days ago were so well done. I visited your page so many times to see them, how did you assemble them? Photo shop? (I know very little about computers and photos and less about photos in blogs.)

mathew said...

Should say u should start a restaurant here..!!..

How come u manage to cook delicacies from all around the world!!

indianadoc said...

>Hi,ee maddy yudey oru budhi!!Mashey nammal porotta undakkan thudangiyittu kurachu kaalamayi!!
>thanx indosun..blogging is eating off a lot of my time and everytime I decide to almost stop,my obsession overwhelms and I end up posting more!! ;)
>thanx shankari
>Oh Jac, mushroom is quite easy too...satay takes do try...
>thanx sravanthi, it is no great technique...tis picassa and it has an option of a picture grid :)Self explanatory and easy to use.
>Mathayicha Jeevichu pottey...naattukaarey kondu thallu kollikkana plan?!!;) To be honest we had a plan to start restaurant... not because I'm a great chef,but cos it seemed to be a very interesting entrepreneurial option...but when I digged deeper,found that it isnt an easy thalkaalam aa plan kattapuratha!!

Anonymous said...

I thot you would only make indian stuff!! Now you are treading on non-India stuff too!!!!! Oh! What to do with this girl??

indianadoc said...

>Inji,melle melle kaal onnu neetti vechatha...kollam ketto nammudey ayalkkar!! A little addictive this food is!! ;)

aqua said...

Hey doc, I made the mushroom curry.. it was gorgeous! really.. i was planning for the gosth.. but got fresh button mushrooms.. and i added Maggi coconut milk.. Yummy it was!

indianadoc said...

>Aqua, I'm very happy indeed to get your feedback for all that u have tried from my blog...Happy to know that u enjoyed the mushrooms do not hesitate to leave negative comments too, if you have any!!I can definitely improve my experiments!!