Monday, August 21, 2006

Pudina Chicken &Prawn Roast


I was half way preparing my Pudina rice when I was told that some guests were going to join us for the dinner....what do I do with so little time left....whip up a Pudina Chicken too....out of the ingredients already set ready for Pudina rice!!Some
  • Madakku Roti
  • ,a prawn roast,an aalu-baingan grill,an egg salad,and a fruit cocktail trifle...

    In a way these guests are a blessing in disguise...for the much postponed house cleaning gets an emergency appointment!...all the myriad potions of house cleaning released from the utility shelves,breathe some fresh air after a long time....Clean here,mop there,the house gets a new shine and it is indeed a pleasant feeling to see her smile and basking in the fresh glory!!I should thankfully say that my husband did the greater part of cleaning while I was playing with chicken in the kitchen....and now without further banter let me share the recipes:

    Pudina Chicken/Mint chicken
    Chicken-500g-cut into pieces
    Pudina/Mint -1 bunch-leaves picked
    Coriander leaves-a handful
    Curry leaves-2 sprigs
    Red chilli powder-3/4tsp
    Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
    Pudina-1 bunch(cleaned and leaves picked)
    Coriander leaves-1/2 bunch
    Green chilli-8(chopped-u may add according to u'r choice)
    Pepper Powder-3/4tsp
    Lemon juice-3 tbsp
    Onion-2 largechopped
    Coconut Milk-3/4 cup
    Garam Masala-1 tsp(cardamom,cinnamon,cloves,fennel,star anise,mace,nutmeg)-Powdered
    Oil-as rqd
    Salt-as rqd

    Make small gashes on the chicken and marinate the chicken pieces with red chilli powder,turmeric powder and salt and leave it for 10 minutes.Shallow fry it in oil till golden brown and keep it aside.

    Heat oil in a wok and fry half the onion,ginger,garlic,green chilli,pudina leaves,coriander leaves,curry leaves and cashew nuts till onions become transluscent and the leaves become limp.Cool the ingredients.Add lemonjuice and grind them to a coarse paste.Now Heat oil in a larger vessel.Add the remaining onions.Saute it till it becomes golden brown.Add the ground masala,fried chicken pieces,garam masala,pepper powder and salt as required.Keep stirring them till you get a fine aroma on medium flame for about 4 minutes.Now pour the coconut milk and mix well and cook further for about 3 minutes.Finally garnish with some roasted cashews and some mint leaves.Serve it hot with roti/paratha/porotta/mint rice.
    Prawn Roast

    Red chilli powder-3/4tsp
    Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
    Roasted Cashews-25g(optional)
    Green chilli-4(pounded)
    Pepper Powder-1tsp
    Shallots-15 -chopped(or Onion-1-medium)
    Copra/Dessicated coconut-1/2-cut into pieces(optional)
    Curry leaves-3 sprigs
    Oil-as rqd
    Salt-as rqd


    Marinate the cleaned,deveined prawns with chillipowder,turmericpowder,pepper powder and salt and leave it for 5 minutes.Now heat oil in a wok.Deep fry the prawns and keep it aside.In the same oil add curry leaves,shallots,ginger,garlic,green chilli and saute them, till everything become transluscent and golden brown.Now add the fried prawns and copra pieces.Add salt if required.Add roasted cashews.Mix well and serve it with steamed rice or chappathi as a side dish. Posted by Picasa


    shilpa said...

    You made so many things in such a short notice??? you are amazing shynee. I loved the prawn roast. Thanks for sharing. (BTW..i am gonnu try the pudina chicken with prawns..i mean pudina prawns.. soon) :).

    Puspha said...

    Sounds super yummy!!!!!!!

    KrishnaArjuna said...

    Wow Shynee, you must be the super woman! You made so many things?? Can I invirt myself over too?

    indosungod said...

    Shynee there you did it again, making me plan for the weekend already, though it is only monday, by the way I made your Kerala Prawn Pepper Fry, super. I took some photos, will post them.

    renuramanath said...

    shynee, i thought i'd respond in your blog so that you'd get it fast !
    yes, i literally 'deconstructed' it, and that's the way i learnt cooking. i can't make sense of the recipes with measurements. i've to try, try, try and see the results, if i cook at all !

    Annita said...

    Looks yummy...Shyne..

    devi said...

    dear shynee,
    Ellaam kandittu vaayil vellam varunnu. dayavayee enne oru shishya aayi sweekarikku.ellam kidillam.

    Daagh said...

    hey doc...

    this one looks very yummy. mint and chicken...i have never tried this before...will give it a try

    ya do try one of the soups...u will c how easy, delicious and healthy option it is...

    RP said...

    You are super duper........
    I too love the way the house gets all tidy within a short time right before the guests arrive.

    indianadoc said...

    >Shilpa,most of the dishes that I cooked had common it was easy job....just preparing them in large qty and dividing according to the proportion reqd!!Pl do try...Pudina Prawns are also great...I had posted it quite some time ago...
    >thanx pushpa
    >KA,dear, Maakku antha 'scene' lethu lenandi!! BTW :)u r always welcome...i would definitely love to have my blogger buddies at home some time...any plans to come to UK? :)
    >thanx indosun....and happy to know that u liked the do post u'r snaps...i wd love to see it...
    >thanx renu...Yeah this is the way we often learn things in life...with experience we just perfect it...My first pizza and ravioli was all a was after I tried them at home (without much casualty!) that I got a proper Italian recipe book!!
    >thanx annita...that's what our friend's cute little son too said..."this chicken is yum yum yummy"!!
    >thanx daagh for dropping do try...I'm very much tempted to try your soups...hmm...healthy, they r indeed!!
    >RP,...yeah... Ilove the way house looks after all that shine...u feel really peaceful with no clutter around!!(Fengshui energy!!) has to maintain it too!!

    V N said...


    Its almost 12 in the midnight over here, and u have got me all hungry again!! I wud die for Prawns! Honest!!


    indianadoc said...

    >Thanx Velu for turning u'r 'kaleidoscope' towards my blog...Hahaha! Nattappadirakku Vishakkunnathoru nattapranthalla!!Enthu cheyyana mashey,I cant send u the prawns to u fr here....

    White Forest said...

    yummmy!...i am hungryy!!

    indianadoc said...

    >White forest,welcome to my blog...thnx a lot for dropping in and the compliments!!

    vinitha said...
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    vinitha said...

    Did u add water in ur recipe...i can see some gravy in the photo.

    indianadoc said...

    thanx vinita for droppin in...No I dint add water, it is the coconut milk and the moisture let out by other ingredients..