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Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi!

Jai Ganesh!

I forgot Gowry Vrat totally and by the time my MIL called me to tell me about Gowri Pooja,I had finished my 'Pet pooja' eating the prawn biriyani!! Felt so bad and husband consoled that it is all in the mind...prawns are also vegetables, if u imagine them to be so!!

I may not be very religious,in the narrow sense of the term as it is used now a days...but I'm devout...I think that devoutness was instilled by my childhood reading habit...All those amarchitra katha and snehasena I read brought me close to God...I love festivals,the lores,the colour and the rituals...

I think I started taking more interest in these poojas ever since I moved to Andhra....for back home in Kerala...Bhakthi or Devotion meant only the evening chanting,'sandhyanaamam chollal' as kids,'Rama,rama,rama....'which we did almost mechanically,but with all the innocence....there ws nothing asked from God...we just praised his Glory...

As I grew up my prayer got reduced to just a whisper as I lit the lamp...something by rote..."show me the right path...take care of my parents,my brother...."it ws so mechanically done that often I never even realised as to what I asked God!But when necessities,griefs,trials and tribulations started taking the toll...I knew every word of my became...'karuna cheyyan thamasamenthey kanna...."(Krishna,why dont u show me u'r compassion,why so late?!!)Prayer became more a big list of petitions or supermarket wish lists!!My Lord might have had a tough he granted one by one...after so much of tears were shed! Saddist he is chwee...t!!I was always more attached to Kannan before I moved to Andhra where I embraced a multitude of Gods...I learnt the meaning of Mantras,rituals,vrats etc...No matter what,devotion for me has always been a very cleansing process...It made me humbler,more compassionate,more patient and taught me not to take this life for took me to the earthy realities of life....

Ganesh chathurthi is not just another is the celebration of our thankfulness to that great Lord who takes us forward thro' all the trials and tribulations of life...For most of us it is a celebration with a great spread of wonderful food!Arey! dont mistake that I cooked all these for Ganesha yesterday! Poor Ganesha had only Kadumpayasam,pongalapayasam,Elayada,Honey&Sugar candy.The rest was all done earlier...but is usually associated with festivals in most parts of South India,except of course, Kerala.So thought I'll celebrate Ganesha with a spread of food!
Kadum Payasam,Chakkayada & Pongalapayasam 

Chakkayada is all about making ada filled with a jackfruit,coconut.Pl check out this link for the recipe:
  • Chakkavaratty
  • mixture.Venpongal

    Initially I had thought of not posting the recipes for most of these items are quite common for most of us....Bt now this is for that anonymous friend who had asked me for the recipes and for all those who still need it.

    Venpongal recipe:


    Raw Rice-1 cup
    Split Moong dal-1/2 cup(people have different ratio,this is what I prefer)
    Water-2 1/2 cup or slightly more.
    Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
    Ginger-25g(I like it a bit strong!)
    Green chilli-4(pounded)
    Pepper corns-1tsp(I prefer to pound them slightly)
    Butter/Ghee-2 tbsp
    Mustard-1 tsp
    Curry leaves-2 sprigs
    Dry Red chilli-2(broken)
    Salt-as rqd


    Pressure cook washed rice and moongdal along with turmeric powder, ginger and green chilli.Once it is cooked well, mushy(You can have it grainy if u like it that way!)add butter,mix well and then remove from the fire.Heat butter in a small wok.Add mustard,curry leaves,dry red chilli,cashews and crushed pepper corns.Saute it for a minute or two.Now add this seasoning to the cooked pongal.Mix everything well.Serve with a chutney or mango pickle!

    with fried paneer!

    Raw Rice-1 cup
    Raw Mango-1 medium-(depends on the tanginess that u require-grate/scrape the flesh)
    Water-2 cups or slightly more.
    Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
    Ginger-25g(I like it a bit strong!)
    Green chilli-4(pounded)
    Shallots-100g-chopped(alternatively u can use one small onion)
    Butter/Ghee/oil-2 tbsp(or as rqd)
    Mustard-1 tsp
    Curry leaves-2 sprigs
    Dry Red chilli-2(broken)
    Ground nuts-10g
    Salt-as rqd
    Roasted paneer-50g(not added traditionally,I added for a taty bite!)
    Coriander leaves-a small bunch
    Cook rice and leave it to cool(Neither too mushy nor too grainy).Now heat oil/ghee in a wok.Add mustard seeds,dry red chilli,curry leaves,shallots,ginger,green chilli,turmeric powder,nuts and saute it for a couple of minutes till onions become transluscent and and raw mango lose its rawness..People advise you not to saute mango too much that it will lose its flavour...well,it is individual choice,I like it fried a little more...Finally add the roasted paneer cubes(u get it in the Indian grocery shops).Mix everything well.Garnish with coriander leaves and serve it with some hot n spicy chilli bajji/khara boondhi/pickle/chutney/papad/vaddiyalu etc.
    Kara Boondhi/Mixture
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    I had made some
  • chilli bajjis
  • to go with the mango rice and had some left over batter,and it became my kaara boondhi.So here goes the recipe for it.


    Gram flour/besan/kadalamavu-100g
    Rice flour-50g
    Asafoetida/Hing/Kaayam-a pinch
    Chilli powder-3 tsp(or as rqd)
    Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
    Cumin powder-3/4 tsp
    Baking soda-a pinch
    Salt-as rqd
    Water-as rqd
    Curry leaves-2 sprigs
    Roasted Ground nuts-50g
    Roasted cashews-25g(optional)

    Mix both the flour,cumin powder,1 1/2 tsp chillipowder,turmeric powder,asafoetida,baking soda and salt with water to a medium thick batter.Now heat oil in a big wok.When the oil is very hot pour the batter thro' a perforated ladle(shown in the fig) and shake slightly to make small layer of the batter over the oil.Now stir the batter in the oil with a fork or spoon sligtly,just like u scramble egg.Keep stirring and fry the batter till you get golden granules.You can also use a chakli maker or a shev maker(idiappam maker) to get the thinner, noodle like ones(usually found in mixture,not in boondhi)similarly.Now using perforated spatula sieve them out of the oil and transfer it to kitchen towels,to remove the excess oil.Once the whole batter is done,heat 1 tbsp oil in a small wok and prepare the seasoning.Add curry leaves,nuts,copra,and chilli powder.Add this seasoning to the mixture or boondhi.Your kaaraboondhi/mixture is ready.Add some sugar,it becomes bombay mixture very popular in our place!

  • Modakam

  • As per tradition Modakam/Modak has to be steam cooked,(has lot of reasons too!!)but sometimes we strike a 'deal' with vinayaka and settle on fried modakams...something that we too like!! ;)


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    shilpa said...

    Happy Ganesh chaturthi Shynee. Hope you had a nice time :).

    Priya Bhaskaran said...

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family:)

    Tanuja said...

    Hi Shynee,

    Happy vinayaka chavithi to u and ur fmly:)

    Sumitha said...

    Hi Shynee kutty,how are you? I am so busy here,cant find time for blogging.You have so many new mouthwatering dishes,want to try them as soon as I can find time!Bye:)Happy Ganesha Chaturthi!

    indianadoc said...

    >thanx FH,Shilpa,Priya,Tanuja, for the Chathurthi wishes...May Lord bless u and u'r family with all happiness always...
    >Sumi,thank u for the wishes...and really looking forward for u'r posts fr India...I know u wd have already stored plenty of snaps n stories to post once u come back!Have fun dear and tke care...

    indosungod said...

    Shynee, thanks to you I realized it was Vinayka Chathurthi and visited the temple. I ofcourse after visually tasting the goodies here I am feeling complete.

    Prema Sundar said...

    Hi shynee,
    Happy vinayaka chaturthi to u too.
    Hey when i just entered I did think 'OMG she made so much for Ganesh chaturthi'.
    What is kadumpayasam... looking forward for the recipe.

    sudhav said...

    Happy vinayaka chathurthi ,shynee..

    Shankari said...

    Shynee...U have made such a lot..Ganesha must be pleased :)

    Vaishali said...

    That's a big spread that you've put together, Shaynee. Ganesha at my home had to make do with only five different types of fruits and a coconut. But as your husband says, 'It's all in the mind'.

    KrishnaArjuna said...

    Happy vinayaka chavithi to both of you.
    that's quite a spread you have there...

    archana said...

    Happy Vinayaka chaturthi to you and your family. What a feast !!!!

    Menu Today said...

    Hi Shynee,
    Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi!!!

    indianadoc said...

    >thanx indosun...happy that we are still able to keep our threads of culture intact even away from home...
    >Prema,I shall surely post the recipes of all the naivedyams...
    >thanx sudha...
    >hmm...hopefully...My husband ganesha is definitely happy!! ;)
    >Yes Vaishali,it is not the is just the devotion that matters...we know the story of Kuchela's Poha...
    >thanx KA...hope you too had a wonderful chavithi...
    >thanx Archana...hmm all for us... ganapathis at home!!
    >MT,thanx for the wishes...hope u too had a wonderful celebration

    Vineela said...

    Hi Shynee,
    LOOKS great.
    Love your modhak.
    Nice celebration krishnaastami too.

    indianadoc said...

    Thanx Vineela for dropping in and thanx for all the kind words...

    Anonymous said...

    You all may be the last of a dying breed :) People who cook!

    Anyway, Shynee, I wish you can help me. I am looking for some tried-and-tested sambhar recipes (without using ready-made powder). We usally make sambhar, Kerela style, but I am so keen to have a variety. I am also particularly looking for a sambhar, which was slightly orange in colour, and which I ate at "Rama Nayak" restaurant at King's Circle, Mumbai. Maybe, its a brhamin style, and maybe, it had coconut in it.

    Recipes which are common to you, are uncommon to others. So, be a nice girl, and post some "common" recipes, pls :)

    I am also interested ni a recipe for "ash gourd" (Winter melon), which you prepare as a "dry" dish, not as a gravy dish. Its pieces of Ash Gourd, slightly, lemon yellow in colour (the dish, I mean).

    If and when you post, could you also leave a comment on: so that I know?

    Lera said...

    indianadoc, what a delicious spread...I wish I had been invited...:)

    indianadoc said...

    >Thanx kaktose for the compliments...with the no. of food bloggers increasing daily on the cyberspace I doubt whether I belong to a dying breed...I find a revival of interest in cooking...Well I had posted earlier a Namboori sambar earlier and shall post the Kerala sambar as cooked in North kerala..
    I havent really understood the other curries that u mentioned...dont know whether u r referring to avial/olan... for in both we use ash gourd...shall try to post whatever I know as and when I make them...thanx a lot...
    >Lera...thanx dear...I too wish I had friends here to share with...

    Biby Cletus said...

    Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

    Warm Regards

    Biby Cletus - Blog

    indianadoc said...

    thanx biby for dropping in...

    Akshay said...

    Thanks for providing recipe. Its amazing. Vrat recipes are also there in