Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chemmeen/Prawn Biryani & Seafood bhurjhi


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  • .You could make this Chemmeen/Prawn biriyani on the same lines or in a slightly easier,minimalistic microwave version as given below.I have seen in some North Indian versions of prawn biryani,even vegetables like potato,carrot,pumpkin,beans and peas being added...I have never tried adding them.So those who wish, can try adding the veggies too.But I think it will become more a Prawn fried rice.

    Prawn - 500g(cleaned,deveined)
    Basmati rice - 1 1/2 cup(1 cup=200ml)
    Water-1 1/2 cup(for microwave cooking at high
    Onion - 3 medium+1 small-chopped thin
    Tomato-2 medium
    Garlic - 25 gm
    Ginger - 25 gm
    Green chillies - 8(or as u wish)
    Grated coconut-2tbsp
    Coriander leaves - 1 bunch
    Mint leaves - 1 small bunch
    Thick Curd - 3tbsp
    Lemon juice-2 tbsp
    Ghee - 1+1+1 =3 tbsp
    Sliced cashew nuts - 20 gm
    Raisins - 20 gm
    whole spices for rice-4 cardamom,1 inch cinnamon,2 cloves,2 star anise,2 bay leaves)
    Biriyani masala powdered - 1 tsp
    Salt - as reqd

    For frying prawns
    Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
    Pepper powder-1/2 tsp
    Salt-as reqd


    Marinate Prawns with turmeric powder,chilli powder,pepper powder and salt and keep it aside. Slice the onion very thin.Wash the rice,drain the water completely and add the said qty water,salt,a little lemon juice,all the whole spices,1 tbsp butter/ghee and microwave it at high for 15 minutes.(This may slightly vary with u'r gadget specifications).So see to it that it is cooked till grains remain separate.

    Grind together green chillies, garlic, ginger and grated coconut into a coarse paste adding curd.Heat a little ghee in a wok.Fry the prawns to a golden brown tinge.(keep a few fried prawns for garnishing).To the fried prawns, in the same oil,add 3 onions chopped and saute them to a transluscent texture.Add tomato,ground paste,chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves and the lemon juice.Cook till the masala reduces in qty.Add the ground garam masala.Keep stirring so that it doesnt stick to the bottom of the vessel.Now either u can add the cooked rice straight to this reduced prawn gravy,close it with a heavy lid and cook on slow fire for 3-4 minutes or transfer it to a microwaveable vessel and layer rice on top and microwave it at high for 4minutes.Finally mix everything well and garnish with fried prawns,roasted cashews,raisins and caramalised onion(1 onion remaining) and serve it hot with Onion Raita(onion in salted yoghurt and green chillies),Onion in Vinegar Salad(UlliSurka),Biriyani Chammanthi,Dates pickle and a Suleimani Tea.

    Biriyani masala powder
    Cinnamon - 2 gm
    Cardamom - 1 gm
    Cloves - 1 gm
    Nutmeg - quarter
    Fennelseed - half tsp
    Cumin seed - half tsp
    Shahjeera - half tsp(black cumin)
    Mace - 2 gm

    Dry these ingredients and make a fine powder and this can be stored in airtight containers.
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    One more prawn recipe...I did warn that the days ahead are going to be more prawny!! do u want to make a quick combo dish for chappathi/Parathas with sea food? Try this...easiest,tastiest burjhi with prawns,mussels and squids.The recipe can be used with any of these in isolation or with chicken as well.Could be an ideal bachelor recipe too.

    prawns,squid rings,mussels-200g-cleaned-(u get this sea food medley in most of the supermarkets)
    Chilli powder-1 tsp(personalise )
    Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
    Salt-as rqd
    Curry leaves-3 sprigs(a generous use is advised)
    Pepper powder-1tsp
    Oil-as rqd


    Marinate the sea food medley with chillipowder,turmeric,pepper and salt and leave it for 5 mts.Heat oil in a wok.Once the oil is hot add the curry leaves and then add the marinated sea food medley along with all the masala.Saute till they become golden brown.Now break an egg into it and saute it till egg dries up and gels with the sea food totally( a little brownish).Serve hot with chappathi.You would love this simple dish.This is perfect with chicken liver as well. Posted by Picasa
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    Shankari said...

    your better half must be so happy, it is a feast in your house almost everyday

    Ashwini said...

    Goodness is that what your dinner are like???
    Coincidence though, I made shrimp pulao too

    archana said...

    Your simple meals are fabulous feasts to me!!!!! I wonder how one of your grand dinners will be like !!!

    indianadoc said...

    >Shankari,Feast ellam kedayathu kanna..yetho has nw become that we live only to eat!! Make hay when the sun shines :)!!
    >No is 2 day's instalments Ashwini!! Biriyani on one day,prawn burjhi on another day...!! :)Yeah, I had a look at u'r pulao..amazing!...I find that again cultures overlap a lot...
    >Archana dear...nammal kochu manushyanmaranu..make a grand dinner?...athrayum 'kapakity' yilla kadavuley !!Biryani oru weakness aayipoyi ennu mathram!!

    Shaheen said...

    prawn biryani looks good. and i like the burji.. a variation from the ordinary. did u have a cholesterol check up done after ur prawn fiesta?:)

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Indianadoc, this is Rg here.Prawn bhurji and biryani sounds yummy. I agree with Shankari...your hubby is one lucky guy..... he gets to taste all these adipoli variety of food from Kerala and other regions of India. Kallaki ta Indianadoc. ....(Kannu vechutten,dhrushti suthi pottukonga:).....)

    mathew said...

    aussom biriyani!!!!aussom!!

    who said u need to taste to chk if its good!!

    indianadoc said...

    >Shaheen,dont remind me of the cholesterol...we r at present blissfully ignorant of all those devils n just enjoying the wonderful prawns!! :)I dont know how my doc advise his patients on diet control!!
    >Rg,Nalla manassirukkaravarode drushtiyellam varaathu kanna!!Hmm...Saappad vishayathil matram lucky yennu solrar, yeppadi?!! ;)
    >dhanks,dhanks mathayicha....sukhichu,nannayi sukhichu tto!!

    Anonymous said...


    Just now i prepared it, and ofcourse ate it too. it was really yummmmmmmmmmmm thanks a lot for the recipe, but urs is white in color, when i stirred everything together it was red in color perhaps due to tomato and chillypowdr(which was left out by prawn)

    I also come from Malabar, this is the first recipe i made from ur blog. u have got an amazing blog with so many mouthwatering recipes

    Great recipe thanks again


    indianadoc said...

    >Thanx sheeba for dropping in,trying my recipe, and happy to know tht you liked it too...dont worry,sheeba mine also becomes reddish when I mix the whole thing...This snap is before mixing...u can see the true colour in the chicken biriyani recipe!

    Anonymous said...

    shyni, naattill povunnathinu munpu melinju sundari aavande?,ingane poyal eppadi? Njan mikkavarum cooking-ill shishyathwam sweekarikkendi varum

    indianadoc said...

    Entey Devi,Aaana melinjaalum thozhuthil kettan pattillallo!!Bhakshanatholam sukham verey enthinundu!! Nannayi Thinnittu Marichalum kuzhappamilya enna partya njan!!Hmmm...'su nari' aavan ippo njan oru 'gymmy' aayi!!

    Anonymous said...

    wow!!! really yumyyy!!!!great work indiandoc. malabarbiriyani njan vekunna same style thanne...palappozhum net il serch cheyithal same style kittarilla,first time njan ivide clear aayit kandu....good work.
    ithra clear aayi recipes ok ennu parayunath njan oru malabarkari ayathukondaneee ahahah.