Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ragi Mudde- Kannadiga's favourite

I have seen many a Kannadiga (and a Telugu too) smacking his/her lips and becoming very emotional at the mention of Raagi Muddhe. Mudhe saaru is Kannadiga's traditionally favourite dish and is indeed one of the simplest recipes.

All that you need is a cup of raagi flour, water and salt.Well these ragi dumplings can also be made by adding some cooked rice too.(I have seen that Telugus prepare Ragi balls more by mixing cooked rice.)

Take a large mouthed vessel, Boil one glass of water, add salt to taste.Once the water has boiled,take a glass of ragi flour and add slowly to the boiling water, stirring it with a strong wooden ladle(rear side)so that it doesnt form lumps.
Keep whisking till the flour becomes smooth and soft without lumps. Reduce the flame, cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes. The consistency must be semi solid like the wheat dough. While serving, wet your hand, make a ball with the dough and put it in the middle of a plate. Pour some hot sambar around it. Add a spoon of ghee/butter and gulp it down.One should not bite the muddhe, for it will stick to the teeth. People prefer to eat this with mutton curry too.(First timers may try to dissolve the ragi flour in a glass of water before pouring it into the boiling water so that you may not form lumps, or else flour inside the lumps will remain uncooked).

A Telugu palattoor side dish for ragi n rice dumplings:
(Courtesy: 'My pallattoorwali friend'!!)

Take two red chillies and burn them dry directly on the flame.Take 2-4 garlic pods and pound them all together( do not make a paste of it).Take very little dhaniya and Jeera (5 grains each)... and fry them dry. Now take half a cup of luke warm milk, add salt and mix well.. then add the red chilli.. (you will have to mash it in the milk with your hands)... then add the garlic dhaniya and jeera pounded.....This will taste hot and great .... you wil have to make small balls of your dumplings dip it in this and have... and if you make the dumplings with rice this will taste good.. if it is only ragi you might not like it .....

Ragi is Protein rich and hence a very healthy dish for adults and children alike, and is recommmended specially for diabetics and those who are conscious of their BMI and vital statistics.


Rekha said...

We prepare ragi mudde everyday at home but the side dish with it sounds different.I'm wondering whether it really goes well mudde.
Anyway plan to try it tomorrow.I invite you to visit my newly created blog with my first recipe.

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that was enriching
i too have a passion for cooking- but if it is done in a jiffy

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