Monday, February 11, 2008

Koonthal fry/Squid fry

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Substitute chicken with 'koonthal'/Squid in the kozhivaruthathu recipe


SKY said...

Looks good
howz the taste??

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ജെപി. said...

very interesting pages
today only i saw this link from your mother's blog
shall read this again tomorrow
taste it
now raakhi has to come to get these cooked
in the meantime, i shall imagine the tastes
have a nice day

jp uncle
from trichur

workhard said...

I think id go for the chicken

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Shabs.. said...

thanks for stopping by my blog....u've got wonderful recipes in here....koondal kandappo vaayil vellam vannu.......loved ur methi chicken too....will add u to my list so that i can come back....

Aysha said...

Yummy dish...i am sure gonna try dis out..