Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kozhi pidi-RCI Kerala

Far from the blogging world....I was quietly enjoying my lazy slumber...or rather reserving all my creative energy for a greater moment in life ....but yes, I was occasionally blog hopping...and drooling over the amazing culinary creativity of my friends...Umpteen blog events... a zillion bloggers...the growth of this cyber community has been really amazing....Many a times felt like penning down a new recipe and getting back into the flow of blogging...but then i found always reasons not to do so...My sincere thanks to all you wonderful friends out there who still drop in my silent blog world and leave a comment or two...and almost kept me connected...

The Regional cuisine concept was something that I found really interesting...Kudos to Lakshmi for coming up with such a brilliant idea...it is indeed a royal treat to have all the regional delicacies under one umbrella...and RCI Kerala,this time hosted by Jyotsna won over my laziness..Yes, having blogged so many Kerala dishes, how could I miss this event!...and here I am with yet another Malabar speciality,'Kozhi Pidi'.

Malabaris(North Kerala), known for their salkarams/hospitality never misses a reason to throw in a banquet...and more so are the Malabar Muslims,known as Moplahs/Mappilas...You would be amazed at the umpteen variety of dishes prepared on a typical celebration.Like most Kerala dishes, the Malabar dishes also have the inevitable signature ingredient, Coconut, in various 'avatars'!

Kozhi pidi is a speciality of the Ramzan celebration...It is very much similar to the South Kerala Christian speciality Pidi and it also reminds one of Kannadiga's Kadubu or even Mudha-Saaru. Well, the basic concept is the same....steamed rice dumplings in a rich creamy non-veg gravy, served hot. So here is the recipe which many of you had asked me earlier...


To make Pidi/Rice dumpling

Roasted Rice flour-450g(I use double horse Rice flour-extra soft)
Water-600ml(slightly more than the quantity of flour)
Fennel seeds-1/4tsp(optional)
Salt-as rqd


Boil water with salt & fennel seeds added to it. When it is boiling vigorously add the flour slowly and mix it well with a wooden spoon....take it out of the fire and knead it thoroughly before it gets too cool.(like u do for pathiri)Your kneading makes all the difference to the consistency of the Pidi. If you find it difficult to do with the hand, u may use your bread maker's dough cycle to get that uniform consistency...or else use a pestle and hit the dough hard! Now make small dumplings out of the dough...My mother's dumplings always had beautiful John-Bips style dimples...so I too have given them a cute dimple!(probably it is done to hold the gravy well). Now steam them either in your idly steamer or your veg. steamer, until done.Keep it aside...until our Kozhi curry is ready.

Ingredients for the gravy
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Chicken breasts/thighs-1/2 kg(calorie watchers cn remove the skin,but tastes better with skin)
Ginger-garlic-corianderleaves Paste-2tbsp
Onion-2 medium-sliced
Green chilli-5(customise)-chopped thin
Chilli powder-1/2tp
Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
Coriander powder-2tsp
Crushed pepper corns-2tsp
cloves+cinnamon+cardamom-powder-1/2 tsp
Fennel powder-1tsp
Cumin powder-1/2tsp
Curry leaves-2 sprigs
Oil-as rqd
Salt-as rqd
ThinCoconut Milk-1 glass
Thick coconut Milk-1 glass
Sugar-1/2 tsp(optional)
Corriander leaves- for garnishing


Marinate chicken cut into medium size pieces, with a little salt, red chilli powder and turmeric powder for half an hour.(You could do this before u make the pidi).

Heat a Kadai/heavy bottomed vessel. Add oil.When the Oil is hot, reduce the flame,splutter curry leaves,add the ginger garlic-paste.Saute it for a minute.Add the green chillies, saute for another minute.Now add the Onion & shallots.Add a little sugar to accelerate the caramalising. Saute till they become brown.Now add all the masala powders.Saute them till you get that fine aroma.Now add the tomato pieces and the chicken.Keep stirring so that the Masala doesnt stick to the vessel.When the chicken is almost cooked.Add the thin coconut milk. Allow it to cook for a few minutes. Add salt as required.Now add the steamed dumplings/pidi into the gravy. Cook for a few minutes. Finally reduce the flame to almost a simmer.Add the thick coconut milk.Stir well. Keep it for a minute on the flame and add the chopped coriander leaves for the final garnish and serve it piping hot! You would love the spicy treat!Well you could try this with any other nonveg/veg gravy items as well.

I was surprised recently by the crass plagiarism on Eastern Masala Website where almost all of my Malabar recipes and a few of my Kerala recipes have been copied along with the snaps, without even the least courtesy of acknowledging the source! I found that they have very conveniently used the recipes and snaps of other blogger buddies like Annita..Have contacted their Marketing dept but they have not had the courtesy to respond so far...Big brands and cheap gimmicks!
  • Eastern Masala

  • Addendum
    Eastern Marketing Manager Mr Biju has apologised and has said that they will remove the recipes from the site at the earliest.I hope Eastern will keep up the ethics they believe in.
    Though there has been a half hearted removal/hiding of my Malabar recipes from the Eastern site,the other Kerala recipes remain...I feel so disgusted that they still retain the recipes copied from other bloggers....Their claim for business ethics and awards seems all a farce as plagiarism continues unashamedly...I feel exasperated that they are waiting for each blogger to come out personally and tell it on their face that they are big cheats!


    Anonymous said...

    Kozhi pidi is new to me. sounds delicious and the color of your curry as usual is very nice. I don't get that kind of color for any of my masala curries :(

    I'll have to try this new recipe very soon. Thanks Shynee.

    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.


    mathew said...

    i guess u should raise this issue with someone in malayalam media..this is ridiculous..i remember a similar incident with malabarspices blog as well whose contents were copied..
    so much for big reputation of these companies..atleast they could have given the credits to you.

    Jyothsna said...

    Lovely colour and recipe! I'm glad you did participate!:)

    Sumitha said...

    Shynee so good to see you back.Happy New Year!
    I was so shocked to read abt the plagiarism by such a big company.This is the first time I came across this site.Under the Kerala section it is overflowing with your recipes and Annitas.

    Also I noticed that in other sections under Karnataka,T.N,A.P and Maharashtra too I find several familiar recipes with pics.Few thAt I could recognise for their blogs were, Sailus Chicken curry,Nupurs Nankhatai,Indiras Lemon rice,vaishalis shakarpale,Udipi sambar from Aayis recipes......

    Eastern brand such a huge company,with a huge yearly turnover.I am so ashamed to say i personally use their products.

    We have to take serious action Shynee,just like we took against yahoo.May be we should file a case .

    mathew said...

    i think these are the people maintining this site..it is contact details of people who maintain the site and probably responsible for content as well..

    Chennai :

    Aarti Chambers, 189, Mount Road , Chennai - 600 006.
    Tel : 044 4206 6890 (7 lines). Fax: 044 4206 6898.
    E-mail: suresh@fountainheadindia.com


    854, 10th Main, 4th Cross, Indira Nagar II Stage, Bangalore - 560 038.
    Tel: 2525 4547 /632/674/675. Fax: 2525 4814
    E-mail: atul@fountainheadindia.com

    i think u better mail them in no nonsense terms..

    indianadoc said...

    >Thanks Rg for dropping in and wish you and family too a wonderful yr ahead...I think the colour of the curry could be due to the spices...
    >Thanks Mathew for all the support and help...I hope nw the issue will be sorted at the earliest as promised by Eastern group. It is so sad that so many of these web site developers are not bothered about the basic ethics.....

    >thanks Jyothsna for hosting such a wonderful event

    >Thanks Sumi for dropping in...Yes, I was deeply anguished by the way a brand name like Eastern did something so ridiculous...and like u I too felt bad that I use their products...bt any way they have agreed to remove the recipes from their site...
    Yes, I did notice later that there are recipes from so many bloggers copied on the site...I hope these content developers are more ethical towards what they are doing...

    Sagari said...

    wonderful recipe

    Reshma said...

    there's a dish called 'kakka roti'common around calicut and kannur, with slight variations in recipe. i was under the impression that kozhi pidid was a southern kerala speciality :)

    Pravs said...

    I have been visiting your blog quite often, or rather when ever i google for malabar/north kerala dishes i land up here :) Have been drooling over all the mouth watering dishes you have blogged so far. Great to see yet another malabar dish.

    Jeena said...

    Hi there you have a wonderful blog. Your recipes look delicious, I love Kerala cuisine. :-)

    Srivalli said...

    wow..such lovely look spread!...and that kozhi pidi is novice for me!..

    Linda said...

    Shynee I am so happy to see you, I can't even comment :):):)

    Like any other community, the 'net will always have cheaters... don't let them keep you away.

    Daagh said...

    good to see you back :-)

    I have something for you on my blog...

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    Seena said...

    Hi Shynee,
    Glad to know Eastern authorities has responded to you. I had written to one Malayalam newspaper abt this, just to contact them with the link. I like your recipes. Me too make pidis, but little different from this..

    Toms said...

    Hi. i happened to stumble upon this blog when i was searching for an image of 'akoli meen' :) and I am so glad i did that. u have a mouth watering blog :) Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes

    Ramya harish said...

    i love your blog and ur recipes.. Inspired of u and fellow bloggers i started a food blog..
    do Visit my blog, http://welcomehunger.blogspot.com and pass ur comments and please link me from ur blog

    Edgar Dantas said...

    hey nice blog nice post on kozhi pidi rci kerala really enjoyed goin through it. really nice one keep it up
    with regards
    edgar dantas

    Anonymous said...

    wish you and your family a very happy Vishu.


    Mallugirl said...

    vishu aasamsakal :)how are u and family?

    Sumitha said...

    Hi Shynee!How are you?Hope you had a very nice Vishu:)

    Nan said...


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    indian food recipes said...

    so is this mainly south indian food? or do they make it other places too?

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    workhard said...

    Looks very exotic, very well presented.