Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paneer Roll,BananaHalwa,DahiBaingan

Paneer Roll

Sorry..... all you wonderful people out there in the cyberworld who took interest in my blog and really coaxed me to shed a little bit of my laziness...Let me go to the recipe quickly without much of the usual banter... I'm a Procrastination incarnate...I may fall into my lazy snooze again!

2.Ginger paste-1tsp
3.Garlic paste-2 tsp(fresh please!)
4.green chilli-3-4(as rqd)-minced
5.Onion-1 small-minced
6.coriander leaves-finely chopped-2tbsp
7.Potato-1 large-cooked
8.salt-as required

Bread-5 loaves
Water/milk-for soaking bread

Oil-for deep frying


Mix all the ingredients 1-8 to form a soft filling.(You could put ingredients 1-8(except potato) in a blender/mixer/mincer and give a couple of quick whisks.)Mix it with the cooked potato,the filling is ready.

Now quick soak a bread loaf in water/milk.Squeeze out the excess fluid by pressing the loaf between your palms.Now lay it on a flat surface.Take a tbsp of the filling already prepared and spread it in oblong shape in the middle of the loaf.Now start rolling the loaf carefully from one end to form a spindle shape.Roll the remaining loaves similarly.Keep it in the fridge for an hour,so that it doesnt break apart while frying..If you dont have much time put it in the freezer compartment for 10mts.

Now heat oil in a wok.When the oil is hot enough slowly slide in the rolls into it and fry them till golden brown.Enjoy it with any dip/sauce of your choice!

The filling can be customised to your taste.Instead of Paneer,you could add cooked prawns,minced meat,chicken breasts,firm fleshed fish etc...and you could even spice it up differently adding different masalas!It is a wonderful snack for the evening and more so if you want to get rid of all those extra loaves of bread sitting in the fridge for a while!

Banana halwa

Many a time the over ripe banana with her 'deglam' look ends up in the coffin of my waste bin.... and I have had to mourn over the untimely death of my banana maiden...I have felt very sorry for her...once in a while I try to salvage her with a make over...an unniyappam,a paniyaram,a milkshake, or into the gorgeous form of a banana halwa...So get rid of all those sulking, black, over ripe bananas in your pantry waiting for 'moksha' by a complete make over to a charming banana halwa now!

ripe banana pulp-1 cup(over ripe the better!!)
Ghee/Butter-1/2cup chalega!(preferably 3/4cup)
Banana Essence-1/2 tsp
Melon seeds-15g
Organic food colour-optional-1 drop


Blend together the ripe bananas and sugar into a smooth pulp.Heat a heavy bottomed vessel.Pour the pulp into it and cook it at a very low flame by stirring occasionally until it thickens.Now add half the portion of ghee and mix well....now keep stirring continuously...Be careful it might splash onto your hand...so use proper gloves..and a big ladle. Meanwhile keep the tempering ready, for which take a small portion of the ghee.Heat it and roast cashews,raisins and melon seed lightly and keep it aside.Add this tempering and the remaining ghee into the cooked pulp when it starts leaving sides and is of the consistency of Jam.Keep stirring, and it reaches a mouldable consistency.Pour it into a greased tray.Spread it evenly.Allow it to cool and refrigerate it for 10mts.Your halwa is ready to be cut into desired sizes/shapes.

Dahi Baingan
I'm not very much of a fan of Brinjal/Baingan...but my husband is!Quite often I cook baingan a bit half heartedly...This was an attempt to approximate it to something of my taste as well and lol...I should say that I love baingan now...It is a very yummy curry which goes well with Chappathi.
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Brinjal-3-4(Cut into medium size pieces)/you could just slit them and leave the tail intact.(like in Noona Vankaya)
Ginger+Garlic+coriander leaves-ground into a coarse paste.
Green chilli-5(as rqd)
Yoghurt-1 cup(Give a quick whisk)
Aamchoor/DryMangoPowder-1tbsp(reduce it if the yoghurt is too sour)
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Fennel powder-1tsp
Shah jeera-1/4 tsp
Fenugreek seeds-1/2tsp
Dry red chillies-3
Curry leaves-2 sprigs

Oil-as rqd
Salt-as rqd
Mix together ginger-garlic-coriander paste,tumeric powder,fennel powder,aamchoor and salt.Now marinate brinjal in this paste 15-20 mts.Heat oil in a wok for deep frying. Deep fry the brinjal(Oil will splurt,so be careful)(Alternativel you could shallow fry as well).Now In a wok heat 2tbsp of oil.Add all the seasoning ingredients. Now add the left over marinade into it.Fry it till you get that aroma of ginger and garlic.Now add the fried Brinjal into it.Fry it for some till till it mix well with the seasoning ingredients...Now finally add the whisked curd slowly.Lower the flame..Cook for a minute or two...(You could reverse the process and add the seasoning last).Dahi Baingan ready!


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