Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holige and a few other Kannada festive treat....


I always wanted to learn it and the last vacation at my bellary home paid off...Our 85 year old Ajji is my Guru here! You would be surprised to see how dexterous she is even at this age!Squatting on the floor, with the gas hobs pulled to her side her hands moved quickly between the hot griddle and the Holige...While I was trying to rotate the holige on the griddle very cautiously....she did it all in a jiffy....there was magic in her hands the way she flipped it around! Her hand shivers otherwise but it is very firm when it comes to cooking!!...and what an amazing cook she name it and she does it....her only complaint is that we all have become addicted to the instant food and the bakery items that we dont give her much chance to feed fact we didnt wish to trouble was never a love for all those insta products...we wanted her to take rest...which she never does!
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Poli,Holige, call her whatever you want...but she is just an amazing sweetypie that you dont feel sinful to associate with....!!Hot Olige with a dollop of desi ghee is a real treat....Be it in Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil nadu and even in some parts of Kerala,a festival or celebration is not complete without this treat...
When I was in the hostel in B'lore my Iyer ponnu used to get me wonderful Obbattu during Ugadi or Navaratri... and whenever we felt a craving for it we queued up near the Arya Bhavan to eat it hot...

Making Obbattu/Holige demands some amount of do it only when you are in a mood to spend some good quality time with her....Otherwise be happy with the frozen ones that we get in the Indian shops.....but of course it is no comparison to the fresh treat! By the way you can add variety to this holige, like kai holigai/kobbari Holigai(kannada) for instance, which is coconut based....and I have noted that Holige made by Tamil Iyengars taste slightly different, may be because they add pachakarpooram(edible camphor)and nutmeg to the Poornam/Hoorana/filling.So try it as well if you like it that way...

So here goes our ajji's recipe:

Bengal gram/kadalaparippu-1 cup
Jaggery-1 cup(customise)
cardamom powder-a pinch

Ingredients for the cover
1/2 cup maida
1/2 cup wheat flour(You could use maida alone as well)
Turmeric powder-a pinch
1 cup oil (can reduce,but it affects the fluffiness/softness)(ghee-optional)
Salt- a very small pinch
Milk/water-as rqd for mixing the dough
(Quite a lot of people mix rava, but unfortunately my experience with rava has been a disaster,may be I was not good at handling rava)


Mix the flour with water/milk(add carefully), adding(half the quantity) oil and make it into a soft pliant dough.One degree softer than a chappati dough.Now pour the remaining oil on top of the dough and leave it aside for some time till the Poornam/filling is ready.

Pressure cook dal till it is very soft.(If you are not happy with the consistency of dal, you may grind it a bit to make it soft.)Mix the powdered jaggery and cardamom powder to it. Mix it well.The Poornam,as it is called,should be in a mouldable consistency.

Take and aluminium file cut into a reasonably good size. Oil it well.Take a large lemon size dough,mould it into a smooth round ball. Using ghee/oil roll it out with your hand (light pats will do the job) to the size of a small puri.Now take about 2 tbsp filling(or rather about 1/2 the size of the dough),mould it into a smooth ball,place it in the middle of the rolled out dough.Bring all the edges together and close it. Now roll it again,preferably with your hand(no roller pins) using gentle taps. Spread it out as thin as possible, without letting the filling come out(it is little bit of a trick!).

Heat the Tava medium hot and gently slide the spread Holige on to it from the aluminium foil.Turn it around, flip flop the sides ,it will start bulging like a puri,and when it is golden, it is ready. Now serve it with a dollop of desi is yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Whenever Holige is made, the humble holige saaru accompanies coyishly! It is a sweet and sour curry made with the left over poornam/filling,ground roasted coconut,a very small quantity tamarind, a little ginger garlic paste and a tadka of cumin,fenugreek seeds,dry red chilly,mustard, curry leaves.
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To make it simple,Holige filling mixed with coconut and a little fried poppy seeds is filled inside the maida/wheat covering (made like a small poori, and the sides pressed)and is deep fried in oil to make the wonderful kadubu!

Kosumbari is an interesting salad made of blackgram dal(soaked for an hour or two),a little coconut shavings,some onions chopped,a little corriander leaves,and salt(You can add some green chillies, if you want to spice it up).You can add even cucumber cut into very small pieces.
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Enne Badinekai/Noona Vankai


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    Richa said...

    a feast for the eyes, sure is..

    RP said...

    so you decided to be back with us? :)

    Now please come on, and explain what do you have in those pictures. :)

    Maddy said...

    aha - the summer is out in elizabathean land - blair is out and shiny is back & shining...nice to see you back..howthu - taste chanagithara?

    Manisha said...

    Hey good to see you make a post!

    Looks like you had a feast!

    nalini said...

    Wow, quite a spread you have there. So recipe please?

    Roopa said...

    first time at your blog! the holige looks so good. thumba chenagidde!

    indianadoc said...

    >thanx richa for dropping in
    >RP, I was always with u...though a bit less silently admiring u all...The photo session and even the cooking ws quite easy dear...feel terribly lazy thinkg abt writing...Oh these are all traditional Kannada festival items..You find them in Telugu cuisine as well...
    >Thanx Maddy...hmm weather is definitely my laziness no good yet!! ;)..Taste superrr!!
    >Thanx Manisha...I'm quite happy that you guys still drop in...
    >Thanx Nalini& Roopa for dropping in...

    Sukanya Ramkumar said...

    Nice colourful poli....I love it...nice pictures..YUM!

    Mandira said...

    What a feast! Everything looks delicious.

    shilpa(Aayisrecipes) said... are back. Happy to see you :). Please come out of your laziness, I know you can do it :D

    Mallugirl said...

    why are there no recipes? still feeling lazy? how are u?

    archana said...

    Glad to see you back Shynee, tell us some more about these dishes please.

    Mohit Kumar said...

    yummy i am feelinh hungry , please mail me all :D

    Nice work keep it up...
    its really worth spending a moment here ..

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    sra said...

    I didn't realise you'd started blogging again! Welcome back!

    Anonymous said...


    first time at ur blog.hlige looked superb.can u tell us the recipe of making the holige.


    Sumitha said...

    Shynee kutty sukham aano?endha oru vivaram ellathey,edekkyake onu blog cheyu please,we miss all your authentic recipes:(

    Linda said...

    Hi Shynee, I took a little break myself but last I checked here, this new post of yours did not show itself to me. Glad to see you back with your lovely creations... look forward to some more when you are able :)

    Shuba said...


    glad to see some indian food blogs in the UK- particularly of South Indian recipes. I am on a mission to show the Brits true Indian food not the "curry" one finds everywhere. My restaurant- thetiffinroom dot com where I blog and my small hotel bonchurchmanor dot com is where my mission began. It would be great to have a UK forum of some kind. MMM